summer is here

yesterday was the perfect first real summer day. i actually managed to get up (somewhat) early and make it to school for a quick meeting for a group project, went out to lunch with a best friend of mine, bought some shirts from a boy of mine, visited another best friend, worked for a bit, went on my first (polar) float of the year with my sister and friend, and even managed to return to a normal body temperature later even though the water was pretty much five degrees.

this summer is definitely going to be the busiest summer ever, but I’m looking forward to it. i have a new job at the gallery too! while it may be job number three, it means that my tuition is paid for next term and i get money for myself besides. soo happy, i’ve had my fingers crossed for this job for a while! working for school, in an art-related job? … yes please.

much love,



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