setting up

gallery set up for the new show is still going well! i’ve said this before, but man it’s awesome to see a show going up from start to finish. meeting and helping out the artists has been huge too, and one in particular who works primarily with textiles invited me to her studio to see more of her work and learn from her if i was interested. HUGE. i’m definitely taking her up on that. other than that, today was set up for the walls and it was cool to figure that stuff out too – like how to properly install pieces on the wall and measure for them. the only thing left is labeling and lighting, and then the opening! which I can’t make it sadly because I’m working at another job, but what can you do? at least I’ve been here for this stuff.

aaand now i’m half asleep. today was… wake up [late], work at the gallery, home to let panda out, george’s to pick up a cheque, back to work at the gallery, studying for an hour, english exam, home, supper, laundry, editing, bed. my days are always crazy, but that’s not a complaint! i actually wouldn’t change it, and this is definitely already the best summer ever.

much love,


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