i’ve been housesitting for about a week now, and this is my little companion for the time being! her name is daisy, and she’s pretty much the sookiest little dog ever. little doll!

this summer is quickly winding down (sadly), but I’ve still got a few bigger things left. my last wedding of the summer is this saturday, there’s one more week left at the gallery, and hopefully there are some more photo adventures in there somewhere too! the thousands (not exaggerating whatsoever, there are literally thousands) of unedited photos sitting on my computer is a bit intimidating, but i’m getting through it at a good pace. housesitting has really helped though, because i’ve been able to edit nonstop during the days. except when daisy is begging for attention, which is often. but that’s a welcome break!

also – 5D Mark II en route, anyone? It needs to hurry itself UP. can’t wait!

much love,