first digital project of the year

first of all, sorry for the lack of updates! getting back to school and out of work mode is going a bit slow. i really got used to keeping up a good photo momentum this summer along with work and such, so its hard to have other projects on the go plus wedding editing plus classes PLUS needing some free time to just breathe. don’t get me wrong though, i definitely enjoy school and it’s all good so no worries. i just wouldn’t turn down a few more weeks of summer!

anyhow, my first photo project of the year was due yesterday and due to the quality of the prints i had printed (it looked like i’ve never learned the definition of focus and or quality) i figured i’d upload them here instead. the assignment requirements were pretty open and just required that we worked with color. i’m actually really happy with how a lot of the photos turned out, even though I usually prefer black and white!

most of the photos are from around corner brook, some are on top of marble mountain, some down the bay or up the coast, and some are completely random I know.

much love,



4 thoughts on “first digital project of the year

  1. You seem to like using shallow depth of focus to isolate a subject. This is something I like to do as well. It seems you use this technique to isolate textures and parts of the photo which create tactility, clearly identifying the subject as warm or cold, hard or soft, smooth or rough, etc, conveying a physical feeling/reaction which engages the viewer. I think these photos, such as the babies feet, iced tea, ice cream cone, tree fungus would also be successful in black and white (which makes sense since you prefer to shoot b&w).
    The third shot from the top, ‘spraypainting 2’ for me is the weakest shot in this series. I think there would be more exciting compositions available given the action and bright, contrasting colours painted on the ramp. It also lacks the richness in colour seen in most of the other shots and the subtlety seen in the two skateboards and the brown/reddish fence. I really enjoy your night shots, I think your equipment lends itself to these low light situations and they are some of the more engaging images due to the different atmosphere and light.
    In ‘skateboards’ and ‘iced tea lemonade’ you’ve taken two almost identical items with similar colour and created a dialogue which I find has a humorous aspect in the interaction of the skateboards and jars of tea. Especially in ‘skateboards’ where the difference in focus is slight. There is a similar interaction in ‘board break’ between your two subjects, I just wish the standing skater’s head was in the frame (the cropping of body parts in human interactions could work to your advantage with more consideration). I think these interactions are one of the stronger aspects of your photos.
    Thanks for posting your work, as always, good to see!

    • Thanks Leanne! I had a feeling you’d like that one. I actually have a lot more photos from Rocky Harbor that you’d really enjoy, but seeing as per how I’ve been neck-deep (which has dropped to knee-deep as of late, thank god) in wedding photos I haven’t been posting much. I promise I will more soon though! And the same goes for you, lady. I miss your face!

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