happy halloween!

happy halloween from my favorite little chicken! i did this shoot a few weeks ago and still smile when i look at the pictures. my little babe of a cousin is toooo cute!

on a blogging note, the month break definitely wasn’t intentional! just had so much photo work piled up i didn’t want to be posting new material from my new camera when i still had one wedding left from august i was still working through. but after a few swift kicks to my own behind (and a very productive friday night to myself with my mac and a few good movies playing in the background for sanity reasons) i managed to finish off the very last of my summer editing. waking up saturday morning with that done was such a huuge relief! four more weeks, one fall wedding to edit, a few other shoots to edit, and too many school projects and I will be enjoying christmas break to the VERY fullest.

and its back to work!

much love,