blurb public!

i still haven’t managed to take any real shots of it, but i just set A Shot in the Dark to public on blurb for anyone to see or buy! you can click the link to go check it out!

in others news… i have some huuge news to tell soon once I know everything has been worked out! that, and a 35mm 1.4 will soon be mine too! seriously can’t wait, lens envy was too green of a monster for me to wait any longer. go figure!

much love,


end of term woes

photo taken in bottle cove early last week!

i’m normally efficient to very annoying and well crossed t, i’ll admit. i like having things done and out of the way rather than have a to-do list taller than i am, because there’s nothing better than having the freedom to come and go as you please and enjoy things as they come up. especially rather than being stuck to your (albeit, beautiful new macbook pro) laptop writing a paper at snails pace. or in-between unnecessary facebook creeps… guilty.


i think i’m still half caught up thinking about how i wish i could relive last week, although maybe with a few extra hours of sleep! i got to clue it up with an absolutely mental shift at the bar last night (st. paddy’s day really is madness, we actually an out of glasses at one point which was hilarious and awful at the same time) and a much needed visit from the little bundle of love that is my baby cousin addy today too! she really is the cutest, even though the little fart wouldn’t say my name today. i haven’t heard her say it yet, she’s said it to everyone else but me!

on the bright side, there are 19 days until I’m officially home free for the summer. 19 days and counting…

much love,


pushing forward

(a behind the scenes shot of one of the environmental science students we got to photograph on the first day, glen keeling!)

i think this whole week has been the most positive photographic experience i’ve had so far. i mean, i’ve had great sessions before, difficult weddings and wonderful weddings, and explored (mostly just around newfoundland) with my camera too with some pretty exceptional people and loved every minute.


this whole week working so well with dave howells who was the main photographer, joanne who is the marketing director from grenfell, as well as paul bonsell who was the art director from toronto wasn’t just the icing on the cake of my encounters so far. it was pretty much the cake, the icing, and a very candle covered top.

it was exhausting for sure, pulling 14+ hours for a few days straight – but way more rewarding than anything else and i would still keep going with no complaints if i could! but sadly we’ve wrapped up today, and i’m beyond grateful i got to be the student photographer for this job. i’ve learned SO much in the last three days, and pretty much filled four 16G cards if that’s indication of how much going we did. and not to stay on this sentimental train, but photography (when given opportunities and jobs like this) is so worth it.

much love,


nonstop & steven tyler

today’s been one of those wonderfully packed days. actually, to be honest, i’ve had a pretty wonderful last few days! i’ve also lucked out and gotten to house-sit for some awesome friends of the family, which means that i’ve gotten way more homework done than I would have if I was home. which means more time to just relax and enjoy a few days work free with the boyfriend too!

as far as today went… i so far have got up early (at ten, but that’s early by my standards) made it to class on time (two minutes late), dreaded art history class got cancelled (victory), picked up my photo book (can’t believe I’m uploading an instagram picture of it, but I’ve managed to forget my camera cord at home so instagram will have to do for now), and got to enjoy some lunch at brewed with a friend. then, my photo class and i all headed down the bay for a photo trip to bottle cove which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas around and I’ll never get tired of photographing it.

then, we drove back and i had run right back to school to meet dave howells and have a quick meeting discussing the next three packed days (beyond excited), came home and showered, and finished a book I should have never started last night considering it took me three hours to dry my hair, get dressed, and make myself supper because i was too busy trying to read.

point being, tiredness and unnecessary hour-taken away aside (i am ALL for an extra hour, but when daylight savings actually takes away an hour, i’m not so much a fan) i actually love days where they’re nonstop. the next few days will definitely be like that too, but i’m REALLY looking forward to it. my camera’s been dealing with some neglect lately! and the whole experience is going to be huge.

………. also. aerosmith to salmon fest?! i legitimately almost cried Kirsten Bell tears (click the link and you’ll understand) when i heard. i’m actually not a big “loyal” band person, and only have a select few bands i can say i’ve really loved and still listen to, but aerosmith is one of the very few. come july, i guarantee you i’ll be up front in the crowd losing my mind when steven tyler comes out on the stage. 123 days and counting!

so much love,