pushing forward

(a behind the scenes shot of one of the environmental science students we got to photograph on the first day, glen keeling!)

i think this whole week has been the most positive photographic experience i’ve had so far. i mean, i’ve had great sessions before, difficult weddings and wonderful weddings, and explored (mostly just around newfoundland) with my camera too with some pretty exceptional people and loved every minute.


this whole week working so well with dave howells who was the main photographer, joanne who is the marketing director from grenfell, as well as paul bonsell who was the art director from toronto wasn’t just the icing on the cake of my encounters so far. it was pretty much the cake, the icing, and a very candle covered top.

it was exhausting for sure, pulling 14+ hours for a few days straight – but way more rewarding than anything else and i would still keep going with no complaints if i could! but sadly we’ve wrapped up today, and i’m beyond grateful i got to be the student photographer for this job. i’ve learned SO much in the last three days, and pretty much filled four 16G cards if that’s indication of how much going we did. and not to stay on this sentimental train, but photography (when given opportunities and jobs like this) is so worth it.

much love,



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