end of term woes

photo taken in bottle cove early last week!

i’m normally efficient to very annoying and well crossed t, i’ll admit. i like having things done and out of the way rather than have a to-do list taller than i am, because there’s nothing better than having the freedom to come and go as you please and enjoy things as they come up. especially rather than being stuck to your (albeit, beautiful new macbook pro) laptop writing a paper at snails pace. or in-between unnecessary facebook creeps… guilty.


i think i’m still half caught up thinking about how i wish i could relive last week, although maybe with a few extra hours of sleep! i got to clue it up with an absolutely mental shift at the bar last night (st. paddy’s day really is madness, we actually an out of glasses at one point which was hilarious and awful at the same time) and a much needed visit from the little bundle of love that is my baby cousin addy today too! she really is the cutest, even though the little fart wouldn’t say my name today. i haven’t heard her say it yet, she’s said it to everyone else but me!

on the bright side, there are 19 days until I’m officially home free for the summer. 19 days and counting…

much love,



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