Chafe-Ryan Wedding

Another quick preview of the Chafe-Ryan wedding I got the chance to shoot last weekend! It was definitely a cold day for April (that’s snow you can see in the tunnel), but it was worth it and the day went really well! I’m definitely glad this was my first wedding of the summer, and it’ll be perfect to finish off in Jamaica this December. Not that I’m wishing away the summer though!

More posts to come soon! I’ve been in and out of town a lot these past few weeks so I have everything from photos and even a video from my Pop’s 70th birthday, photos from Port Rexton, Ellison, Bonavista, Bonaventure, and St. John’s to go up as well! I actually think I’ve taken more photos in these past few weeks than I have since I’ve gotten my camera. SO nice to be out of school and shoot for fun : )

Much love,

// Can

Beauty Day

It was a beauty of a barn day last weekend, and it’s a beauty of a day again today.

My studio space has been cleaned out, and everything is FINALLY all passed in. It’s so nice to be finally done for the summer. ❤ Luck to the rest of my friends still in the middle of their exams!

Much love,

// Can

Jamaica? Jamaica!

So far, the opportunities I’ve gotten to experience with photography have been (to put it mildly) frigging amazing. I’ve gotten to work with some hugely talented people, shoot this crazy beautiful province that I’m from – which I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of either – and now its even crazier to me to be building on all of that, because…

After just finishing chatting with the travel agent and bride, it looks like everything is set and confirmed – I’ll be heading to Jamaica this December for my first destination wedding! It’s from the 7th to the 14th, and I could NOT be more excited : ) AND it looks like my boy is definitely coming to second shoot – and enjoy the week, of course!

Um, is it too early to start counting down?

Honestly though, I’m buckets of gratefulness right about now.

So much love,

Can ❤

Grenfell Student Recruitment!

Thought I’d share a few photos for the Student Recruitement session I photographed a few weeks ago! The whole event went off really well, and was a great opportunity for Grenfell of Memorial University to bring in even more students. Check it out!

About 100 students arriving from Central, pouring out of two DRL busses to get a tour of Grenfell and attend a few recruitment seminars for the day! Such a smart recruitment venture, I don’t know anyone who would rather sit through long information sessions in a classroom when they can just come to the school and see for themselves.

Everyone being broken up into colour groups in the gym, so they could go around the school in smaller groups.

Icebreaker games! I was a pretty big fan of the newspaper bow dress, but this guy’s hat is pretty good I’ll admit.

Checking out Student Services!

Boards of opportunity for anyone looking to get into stagecraft!

Nursing recruitement seminar!

Tom Cochrane giving a quick speech while everyone got the chance to grab some food during a break!

Another student taking advantage of how they could ask teachers in their potential fields of study some more questions during the break!

Psychology recruitement session! Anyone in? (Yes, that’s a real brain. What a way to get people interested… or scare them away!)

Overall, the day worked out great and I’m glad I got another opportunity to work for the university! Thanks again, and great job to the recruitment office!

Much love,