Guess Who’s Birthday It Wasn’t?

Kids are so expressive.

I find sometimes that it’s the “Smash the Cakes” or family portrait sessions that challenge me the most, even over doing day long weddings. I think it’s because for a wedding I can generally take a more “documentary” approach to the day, and capture things as it comes and goes. For children? Kids are awesome, and I’ve met some hilarious kids doing this that make my job easy. But for some sessions I know it’s not going to go too smoothly. I mean, I can weather a full-on-screech with the best of them, especially after teaching swimming lessons to tots and children alike for two years.

Don’t want to swim? Cry away! Parents, pass me the kid anyway. They’ll stop eventually, my ears are immune!

Except this isn’t swimming lessons any more, and while I might be able to shoulder the cries I’m seriously doubting its the red-faced and teary-eyed shots parents are looking to have up over their walls. Logically I’m sure that if I was one years old, told to smash a cake in the sticky grass like it was normal, and ignore the stranger who’s holding up a huge black object that makes weird noises right up in my face, I’d kick up a fuss too. Hence the challenge! And as hard as it is to get the shot they’re looking for, it’s still always worth it. The expressions you manage to get sometimes (intentional or unintentional) are the best.

Much love!

Candace ❤


St. Johns

I had SUCH a fast trip out to St. John’s since driving out on Saturday to see my two best friends! Sarah (on my right) happened to come in from Alberta after doing a term in Nova Scotia, so when I heard she was coming I knew it meant a road trip out. Unfortunately it was a solo drive (I’m NOT meant to drive that long in a vehicle by myself, by hour six I was more than slightly fried after my laptop died and Gilmore Girls could no longer play through the stereo) but I’m hoping the drive back tomorrow goes fast like the return trips usually go anyway.

I’ll be missing the friends for sure, but I’m looking forward to going back! I also have to edit up a storm after having done a load of sessions just before I took off, but I’m actually looking forward to that too! My poor computer needs a good emptying.

Much love,

Can //

Grad Day 2: Grand March

Grand March day turned out really well! I only had to boss them around a little ; )

A final and HUGE congrats to those who graduated! I officially am so old I no longer know anyone still going to high school. Crazy!

Much love,

Candace ❤

Grad Day 1: Cap and Gown

The happiest of graduation to the group of grads I had (have) the chance to photograph yesterday and again this afternoon for their Grand March! And especially to Rebecca Pike, who is one of my best friends (Leanne’s) sister who unfortunately isn’t here to see her. Also, Leanne: please tell Rebecca to never cut her hair again. Seriously. I swear, I’m living vicariously through her long-blonde-haired beauty. Stunner!

Also, has it really been 4 years since I’ve graduated? I’m pretty sure it was only a week ago, and I sure still look like I’ve just came out of high school. But beyond that cliche, on the other hand it feels like a million years ago too. That moment when you realize high school really isn’t the be-all end-all just might be the best a-ha moment ever.

Much love,

Candace ❤

Travel & Torte

As a pretty big mornings-are-the-worst-and-I-won’t-slash-can’t-get-up-early-for-anything kind of person, I actually mean it when I say after having to get up at 5, 6, and 7 for the last few mornings there is totally something to be said for it! It’s a shocker, I know.

Dru and I had the opportunity to go back out to Port Rexton this past weekend to help with with the shoot of the new Conference Center and to re-shoot the rest of the property for the Fishers Loft website and ad redesign, and I have to say it went really well. After an early rise with some morning coffee & breakfast the days were pretty non-stop, broken up with a fresh lunch, and then finished off with a phenomenal supper and drinks; the first night it was a 4 course lobster supper, and the second night a BBQ with the owners and families of the Inn – so we were spoiled to say the least.

I’ll definitely post more photos in the next few days as I’m processing, but its back to being pretty full tilt now. I also have to add… I’ve had my new Accent for exactly two weeks tomorrow (love it) and it’s already rounding off at 2000kms.

Travel is the best.

… That or it’s tied with great food. (I DID get to eat the chocolate torte pictured above once I finished shooting it. Did anyone know you could eat pansies? They’ve always been one of my favorite flowers, but now I think they’ve just moved to the top).

Much love,

Candace ❤


Try as everyone did, no one could really spark much interest in the cake with Kylie or Caleb (bribes and toys even included). So a “smash the cake” session as it was turned more into “catch that child” for about an hour, and it was awesome!

My only complaint? Having to pick ones to delete rather than handing over the 500+ that I took! Slight insider tip: when kids are involved, rapid fire shooting is definitely the way to go. It’s the only way to catch them sometimes! My absolute favourite photo I took from the whole shoot is the black and white of Kylie walking down the steps with Melissa’s help, and there was definitely no way to have planned that. Love it ❤

Hope you like!

Much love,

// Candace

J & A

Deer Lake isn’t far away by any means (its maybe 30 minutes max) but a few weeks ago was actually my first time doing a session out there and I loved it. It was so nice to have a fresh location, and to get a chance to meet Jennifer and Andrew before their wedding this year too!

Now, just one more session to clue up and I’m totally finished with my editing. On that very related note, I’m having an awful time deleting photos from my last session – the baby is way too cute! Check out a photo here.

Much love,

Can //