Birthday Lovin

The break I’ve had since my double wedding weekend of the 27th and 28th of July has been quite the much-needed needed vacation! It was my birthday this past Tuesday and after enjoying the day with the boyfriend, friends, and family I’ve just been relaxing as computer free since – minus some editing, I can’t help myself there.

I think we all ate way more for my birthday than what anyone should in the run of a full week, too (which is the only way to ring in a birthday of course). That has to be one of my absolute favorite things birthdays is all of food that gets cooked – every year certain family members always make me a carrot cake, cabbage rolls, strawberry cheesecake… You name it and we probably ate it. Sushi and cold-plates included too! Soo good.

The week was followed by a trip out to Rocky Harbor and Gros Morne to photograph some boat tours as well, but more on that later! It’s too hot today, and my wine is looking way better than my keyboard right now!

Much love, and hope everyone else isn’t suffering too much in this heat! Maybe I should have just wished for snow for my birthday?

Candace ❤


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