happy halloween!

a few favorite photos of my little chicken cousin addy, taken last year!

also, I pulled up to the tim’s drive through today to hear the person in front of me had already paid for mine too! thanks for the tea-treat stranger, and the hugest Happy halloween! I’ll be passing on the treat to someone else for sure : )

much love,


cue nearing-end-of-term freak out

i pretty much love routines. and being able to do what i want, when i want. does that contradict each other? probably. but either way, i love getting up on my own time, making a cup of coffee as soon as I get out of the shower, and taking my time getting ready while listening to a movie in the background. tidying my room, general organizing, editing, laundry, you name it. i actually like doing it all, and well… school’s in my head and definitely being taken into consideration, but is more of a really heavy pot on the back burner that’s a pain in my behind to lift up and bring out of the realm of second priority.

i know it’ll be finished soon, and that’s definitely a big enough kick to keep me ahead of all deadlines for the most part. but that point in the term is looming when there isn’t one thing due per week, it’s three or four per week.

hence the cue to end of term freak out. being able to enjoy next fall school free is going to be huuge.

much love,

/ Can


gets up, gets ready and leaves for school, forget prints at home. goes to class, forgets about meeting after class in the afternoon. goes home to get prints before meeting, lodges wallet on bed, forgets wallet at home. goes to meeting, on to pick up wallet from nice parent who brings it to corner brook for me, goes to the grocery store. forgets to buy something in grocery store. goes back in to pick it up, forgets phone. goes back into store to retrieve phone, doesn’t actually forget it, it just fell out of my pocket onto the car seat.

that all happened in the one day, but its a pretty good summary for the flow of my week. school, that’ll do that it to ya (even though that day was a bit excessive). one month left to this term, 42 days until Jamaica, and 163 until I’ll be university free. um… YES.

much love,


Convocation Beauties

So it’s been a crazy week with scheduled shoots alone! I’ve been shooting literally nonstop, first for the Corner Brook Port Corporation one morning, then shooting for Memorial for the new ad campaign launch with The Buried Life the same day, now convocation portraits today, and another wedding tomorrow.

I looked at my iPhone on Sunday night and knew this week was going to be crazy, and while yes I’m definitely in need of some extra sleep I’m actually loving it! I find all of this work is pushing me to get more creative, especially with the rain today for convocation photos meaning mostly everything had to be shot inside.

Previews of the rest soon! This kid is off to bed.

Much love,



I’m going to go out on a limb and say photographing a wedding like Kev & Holly’s is why I enjoy what I do. Now, I’ll totally admit I’ve done a few weddings in which afterwards, I thought the only way I would feel better would be by packing up my camera (lenses and all), putting everything in a bag, and launching it onto the side of a road next a cardboard sign saying “free”  haphazardly propped up somewhere in it’s vicinity… My dues have definitely been paid on a few fronts. So when the day goes as fun as these two’s did, and you end up tearing it up (eyes wise and dance floor wise I might add) I can’t help but be genuinely jacked. There might be a bit of a negative “air” that blows around to admitting I am in fact a wedding photographer, but come on. Who else gets to hang out with people on one of the happiest days of their lives? That’s a lot of happy when the weddings start piling up!

You can’t really beat that.

Much love,

Candace //