woody point travels

its no surprise my car is just about photo road trip away from 18,000 kms. although after only getting it new on june 1, you’d think that number would be a little smaller! but call it taking advantage of this beautiful province, there’s no such thing as a wasted drive. just call it location scouting! (it helps justify all that gas money too).

the two above film photos are from a road trip out to woody point a few weeks ago. we definitely showed up in an off season – galliott studios was closed, whaat – but will be going back next summer for sure. it’s such a beautiful little place!

i can’t recommend enough for people to pick up some film though. borrow a film camera from someone, or dig one out of the back of a parent or grandparent’s closet. even if it’s been sitting there for 20 years, i bet you 20 dollars it still works. film is the best.

much love,



2 thoughts on “woody point travels

    • thanks for the blog visit jamie!

      and thanks! you should definitely check out film if you ever get the chance. i find that it’s a whole other layer of photography. 35 shots on digital is an afterthought, but on film it takes me near a month!

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