bennett family!

Bennett-18 Bennett-27 Bennett-32 Bennett-40 Bennett-44 Bennett-47 Bennett-53 Bennett-69 Bennett-75 Bennett-82 Bennett-84 Bennett-87i was lucky enough to meet this little doll’s parents while on the jamaica wedding trip we photographed back in december, so when tonya contacted me afterwards and asked for a family session i had to say yes! she and lee are absolutely hilarious, so i of course jumped at the chance to meet their little head banger. (tonya has a video of emily doing this, not kidding. its hilarious).

another fun fact: lee has the fastest growing hair of any person i’ve ever met. when i met up with them for this shoot at first glance i didn’t know who he was, considering his much darker head of hair compared to very closely shaved head he was sporting in jamaica. truth.

in all honesty though, they were a wicked family to shoot and i’m really happy with how the photos turned out. hope you like!

much love,




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