Cynthia-1another favorite portrait for the grad catalogue!

this break from school this week is a bit of a saving grace and its helping me get over some bad feedback too. bad is a relative term i guess, it’s not end-of-the-world worthy but i tend to take things to heart sometimes. especially with the end being so close now that any hiccups are going to come across frustrating… but also in the same respect, the end is so close that its comforting enough to help me not let too much of a chip come off my shoulder. just to be a devils advocate i suppose!

disclaimer: if your under the age of 18 (is that when you graduate high school? 22 is feeling really old right now), then when you don’t know, what your teachers won’t tell you, and what the student loans people don’t want you to know so you spend every last penny hanging around for 52 years, and what your profs want to keep blanketed and far over your head… is that university is the farthest thing from real life. on this planet. ever.

really though, finishing is going to be the biggest relief.

(on this planet. EVER.)

do i mention that in every blog post? probably. my redundant apologies! although maybe if your finding this frustrating… unsubscribe until april. that’s when i’m done. which i’ve already mentioned, and will in all likelihood mention another 278 times until then!

much love,



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