Phil-1another portrait shot for school! phil’s been the easiest so far, so a huge thanks goes out for that! apparently if you tell a guy to sit on a coffee table in front of a window, he’ll laugh at how ridiculous you are, you take a shot of the “your absolutely whacked” smile, and your done 30 seconds later. ain’t no thing.

in other boring news, i finally don’t have a temperature of 40 degrees like i have for the past three days! whew. what a way to forget your name and all other obligations. thankfully the very kind doctor i saw yesterday helped and gave me every medication under the sun for the flu (not exaggerating, i write this while loving glancing at a puffer, antibiotics, nasonex which i have since ditched because unless you enjoy the taste of metal i don’t recommend, and ibuprofen). the funnest of times.

but its back to the homework grind again. this countdown of mine is about to tip into the forties!

much love,



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