office space love

LCYhome_office1 LCYhome_office3 LCYhome_office5 LCYhome_office6 LCYhome_office9so, after having pinned the above images AGES ago and drooling over this home office space i’ve came back to them a few times and wondered where the mother they came from. if i could have an ideal editing set up, that’s exactly what it would look like.

anyway, after some serious clicking around today i finally managed to locate the original poster and owner of this kick-ass space on her blog here. her name is alaina kaczmarski, and good lord does she know how to do a black accent wall! do you agree? thoughts? change is such a good thing, and its time for me to freshen up my own editing space.

on the same note, if you haven’t heard of her yet (even though you have, because her style is amazing) i’d recommend you click over to jamie delaine‘s new blog and website. she’s been a favorite artist of mine for a while now and i’m a huge fan of the new redesign she’s just completed for this year. it’s simple and young, yet still classy. love it!

much love,


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