Dress-1 new years posts are pretty overwhelming.

so much happened last year that i could have never predicted, including (but not limited to) booking and completing a destination wedding for some awesome people with dru, booking more photo jobs for this year than i can count on two hands, getting the opportunity to work with a few photographers and professors that have all helped so much with how i photograph/develop art, having a photo go absolutely viral, buying my first car, and entering my last year of university (finally). whew!

which means…

this year i already know that i’ll be graduating! (i actually get to stop paying tuition and keep my money from here on out? no more 8:30am classes? I DO NOT BELIEVE IT. sign me up. 98 days and counting). but as far as everything else goes, i can’t even venture to predict whats up. i don’t think I would want to though. wouldn’t that just stomp the fun out of it?

life is seriously nuts.

much love, and a huge happy new year!


long weekend visit

cannot even begin to start with how much i miss photographing this face! leanne and her boyfriend taylor (a first-timer to newfoundland, who it was awesome to finally meet after hearing about him for so long!) and dru and i took a drive out to port au port this past long weekend on their too-short visit to show them the hidden falls area we came across not too long ago.

the light the whole drive was unreal, with light beams coming down from the clouds everywhere and this gorgeous orange glow from the sunset. and while it was a fair way out of corner brook, it was worth it for sure and i’m officially bummed the visit wasn’t longer. too many friends are living away!

much love,


Organizational Bliss


… And after!

So, besides just sleeping in my room, it’s also the place where I do most of my editing. And if you know me well, you know I’m organized right down to the last movie title in it’s proper alphabetical place. My closet is also organized by type, and color. I wish I were kidding you, but on the other hand I’m actually half proud.

I just find that I’m more productive if everything is clean, so I was definitely pumped when my jewelry rack came in from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago. Hideous bulletin board, be gone! My only complaint? Shipping from the states might be a necessary evil, but is evil nonetheless.

Much love,

Can //

New Watermark!

Just received my new watermarks this week and I’m suuper pumped on them! Thoughts?

My site is still under construction, but a splash screen is going up tomorrow for when people try and navigate to and it appears like the site just won’t work. I actually can’t wait to launch that and get it out there, but it’ll be [worth waiting] a few more weeks just yet!

Much love,



Talk about blog abandon! I half blame it on being so pumped over my new website and blog that it’s been hard to keep working on this one, and the other half I blame on just enjoying the guts right out of the last part of my summer! But now it’s back to school, and I’ve been missing blogging so here goes and I’ll keep updating this one right up until everything switches over.

So these photos are a session I did just a week ago with Jen & Max! I absolutely love horses and this ended up being one of my favorite shoots all summer. Max is 29 but you’d never guess! Beauty.

There’s loads more to update you on, so keep checking back. The one good thing about blog abandon means I haven’t stopped shooting and theres a stack as tall as I am of photos ready to upload!

Much love,


Grad Day 2: Grand March

Grand March day turned out really well! I only had to boss them around a little ; )

A final and HUGE congrats to those who graduated! I officially am so old I no longer know anyone still going to high school. Crazy!

Much love,

Candace ❤