jessica & adam

Preview-4 Preview-3 Preview-1 Preview-1-2it might have been (absolutely freezing) out but it sure looked pretty! these guys were troopers letting me drag them to a few places around the city, and i couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. hope you like!

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New Watermark!

Just received my new watermarks this week and I’m suuper pumped on them! Thoughts?

My site is still under construction, but a splash screen is going up tomorrow for when people try and navigate to and it appears like the site just won’t work. I actually can’t wait to launch that and get it out there, but it’ll be [worth waiting] a few more weeks just yet!

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J & A

Deer Lake isn’t far away by any means (its maybe 30 minutes max) but a few weeks ago was actually my first time doing a session out there and I loved it. It was so nice to have a fresh location, and to get a chance to meet Jennifer and Andrew before their wedding this year too!

Now, just one more session to clue up and I’m totally finished with my editing. On that very related note, I’m having an awful time deleting photos from my last session – the baby is way too cute! Check out a photo here.

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