Salmonier Nature Park

So on our way out of St. John’s a few weeks ago, Dru, Megan and I got the chance to check out Salmonier Nature Park on the way home. It’s a government owned park that instead of operating like a zoo and bringing in animals, it works more as a rehab center or a permanent home for animals that won’t necessarily make it in the wild any more and each animal there had been brought in and taken care of for a specific reason. For instance, there was a snowy owl there that was in an open enclosure along the boardwalk that had unfortunately flown into a power line on the way down from Labrador a few years back. So instead of it being put down (or leaving it to survive in the wild and not be able to fly) it gets a new home with plenty of care and attention. Much better!

Here’s a few favorite shots from our tour through the park:

Nature Dru! Someone was puumped to head into the park.

Who knew we had otters in Newfoundland? This little guy had been found in a stream close to a residential area, so he was brought in to mature and be re-released soon.

A tamed crow that was in the restricted “rehab” center of the park so he could get ready to be re-released!

A snap turtle, who apparently he had been kept as a pet until he “grew too large” for his owners who released into a pond until Fisheries and Wildlife discovered him. (Clearly not native to NL).

That beautiful snowy owl!

A Great-Horned Owl! Absolutely beautiful, but this dude was brought into captivity because he had been scalping (yep, you read that right) people in Labrador. So, instead of putting him down or doing anything else harmful to him, he’s in a much safer home for people/his sake!

Two foxes from Labrador that were also in the rehab section of the park, and were also about to be re-released!

And there you have it, so hopefully if your passing through the Avalon area you stop by to check everything out and make a donation. The park has actually suffered a fair bit of damage from the storm Leslie that passed through a few days ago, so hopefully it manages to deal with repairs and fully reopen soon!

That, and say hi to Jeff if you meet him! He was a wicked guide.

Much love,

Candace //

Guess Who’s Birthday It Wasn’t?

Kids are so expressive.

I find sometimes that it’s the “Smash the Cakes” or family portrait sessions that challenge me the most, even over doing day long weddings. I think it’s because for a wedding I can generally take a more “documentary” approach to the day, and capture things as it comes and goes. For children? Kids are awesome, and I’ve met some hilarious kids doing this that make my job easy. But for some sessions I know it’s not going to go too smoothly. I mean, I can weather a full-on-screech with the best of them, especially after teaching swimming lessons to tots and children alike for two years.

Don’t want to swim? Cry away! Parents, pass me the kid anyway. They’ll stop eventually, my ears are immune!

Except this isn’t swimming lessons any more, and while I might be able to shoulder the cries I’m seriously doubting its the red-faced and teary-eyed shots parents are looking to have up over their walls. Logically I’m sure that if I was one years old, told to smash a cake in the sticky grass like it was normal, and ignore the stranger who’s holding up a huge black object that makes weird noises right up in my face, I’d kick up a fuss too. Hence the challenge! And as hard as it is to get the shot they’re looking for, it’s still always worth it. The expressions you manage to get sometimes (intentional or unintentional) are the best.

Much love!

Candace ❤

Travel & Torte

As a pretty big mornings-are-the-worst-and-I-won’t-slash-can’t-get-up-early-for-anything kind of person, I actually mean it when I say after having to get up at 5, 6, and 7 for the last few mornings there is totally something to be said for it! It’s a shocker, I know.

Dru and I had the opportunity to go back out to Port Rexton this past weekend to help with with the shoot of the new Conference Center and to re-shoot the rest of the property for the Fishers Loft website and ad redesign, and I have to say it went really well. After an early rise with some morning coffee & breakfast the days were pretty non-stop, broken up with a fresh lunch, and then finished off with a phenomenal supper and drinks; the first night it was a 4 course lobster supper, and the second night a BBQ with the owners and families of the Inn – so we were spoiled to say the least.

I’ll definitely post more photos in the next few days as I’m processing, but its back to being pretty full tilt now. I also have to add… I’ve had my new Accent for exactly two weeks tomorrow (love it) and it’s already rounding off at 2000kms.

Travel is the best.

… That or it’s tied with great food. (I DID get to eat the chocolate torte pictured above once I finished shooting it. Did anyone know you could eat pansies? They’ve always been one of my favorite flowers, but now I think they’ve just moved to the top).

Much love,

Candace ❤

nonstop & steven tyler

today’s been one of those wonderfully packed days. actually, to be honest, i’ve had a pretty wonderful last few days! i’ve also lucked out and gotten to house-sit for some awesome friends of the family, which means that i’ve gotten way more homework done than I would have if I was home. which means more time to just relax and enjoy a few days work free with the boyfriend too!

as far as today went… i so far have got up early (at ten, but that’s early by my standards) made it to class on time (two minutes late), dreaded art history class got cancelled (victory), picked up my photo book (can’t believe I’m uploading an instagram picture of it, but I’ve managed to forget my camera cord at home so instagram will have to do for now), and got to enjoy some lunch at brewed with a friend. then, my photo class and i all headed down the bay for a photo trip to bottle cove which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas around and I’ll never get tired of photographing it.

then, we drove back and i had run right back to school to meet dave howells and have a quick meeting discussing the next three packed days (beyond excited), came home and showered, and finished a book I should have never started last night considering it took me three hours to dry my hair, get dressed, and make myself supper because i was too busy trying to read.

point being, tiredness and unnecessary hour-taken away aside (i am ALL for an extra hour, but when daylight savings actually takes away an hour, i’m not so much a fan) i actually love days where they’re nonstop. the next few days will definitely be like that too, but i’m REALLY looking forward to it. my camera’s been dealing with some neglect lately! and the whole experience is going to be huge.

………. also. aerosmith to salmon fest?! i legitimately almost cried Kirsten Bell tears (click the link and you’ll understand) when i heard. i’m actually not a big “loyal” band person, and only have a select few bands i can say i’ve really loved and still listen to, but aerosmith is one of the very few. come july, i guarantee you i’ll be up front in the crowd losing my mind when steven tyler comes out on the stage. 123 days and counting!

so much love,