Suz-1 Suz-2who wouldn’t want to start off a sunday morning with this little face?

seriously. suz (the beautiful momma pictured above!) is a good friend of mine & dru’s, and when she asked us to get together for a shoot with her little one i was in.

if i’m being honest, baby sessions are my favorite. who isn’t going to love a photo of a baby? and even in the madness i find those sessions really calming. is that weird? maybe its the oldest sister in me, or the old swim coach. i mean, hello… kiddy classes were the bomb. who else is going to say to me in awe, “wow, teacher! you swim like a dolphin… who swims like… like a mermaid!” now, while in reality that would probably look pretty messed up i still take it as a large compliment coming from a very shy three year old, and i laughed after that lesson for days. (thanks again grant!) seriously though, i say pass those sessions on.

on that note, the list of things to do/shoot when classes finally clues up is becoming endless. i love it.

much love,


double exposure: photoshop edition

LR Double Exposure-1i’ve been curious for a while what it would be like to start doing manual double exposures, so on a fairly spur of the moment trip to st. john’s this weekend to see my sister i took advantage of the 8 hours travel time both ways and tried my hand at them.

i’ll admit i’m pretty much photoshop illiterate, so i edited both images in lightroom first and them imported them into photoshop, played with opacities, reimported the final images to lightroom and fixed minor details and clarity. thoughts? it still doesn’t touch film (duh, considering film is the best) but i think it might be interesting all the same.

hope everyone had a good weekend!

much love,


bennett family!

Bennett-18 Bennett-27 Bennett-32 Bennett-40 Bennett-44 Bennett-47 Bennett-53 Bennett-69 Bennett-75 Bennett-82 Bennett-84 Bennett-87i was lucky enough to meet this little doll’s parents while on the jamaica wedding trip we photographed back in december, so when tonya contacted me afterwards and asked for a family session i had to say yes! she and lee are absolutely hilarious, so i of course jumped at the chance to meet their little head banger. (tonya has a video of emily doing this, not kidding. its hilarious).

another fun fact: lee has the fastest growing hair of any person i’ve ever met. when i met up with them for this shoot at first glance i didn’t know who he was, considering his much darker head of hair compared to very closely shaved head he was sporting in jamaica. truth.

in all honesty though, they were a wicked family to shoot and i’m really happy with how the photos turned out. hope you like!

much love,



playing catch up

KRA-1… and enjoying the snow day!

i love getting the chance to stay home, sit down, and start ticking things off to do lists. i’m already a few coffees and teas deep, and after having mailed the jamaica proofs yesterday (wooo! largest editing job to date for sure) i have a few family sessions left to clear up and then nothing but school to focus on.

i think february is going to fly faster than january too. we’re already about a week in, and after logging a hard week next week we have mid-term break – so, that means if i burrow my head under a blanket for a few days i might actually get to enjoy break and come back ready for march. YES.

running count until my time is my own… 71 days.

much (snowy) love,


breakfast with the carey/macdonald family!

Olli-2-2 Olli-2-3 Olli-3 Olli-4 Olli-5 Olli-6

Olli-1 Olli-2i’ve pretty much known this family forever (suz who is a best friend of my aunts has probably been around since i’ve been a baby) and i was thrilled when they pitched the idea of their shoot with me! i mean, breakfast shoot? you just said my favorite word. (ps, its breakfast). sign me up now!

oli is such a sweetheart too, and has actually just became a big brother! i definitely can’t wait to meet jesse, and if he has even a bit of his brothers personality he’s going to be another total charmer.

on relatively the same note, it was surprising how much i enjoyed shooting indoors! its something families have been asking for more and more lately and after looking through more work by jenny jimenez i’m way more open to it. seriously – check out her work. its is like fine art fashion photography of regular people in their however-as-is homes and i love it.

hope you like!

much love,



guess who just figured out how to do diptychs with just lightroom? THIS KID. i think it’s cool i’m still figuring out in-and-outs of editing software i’ve had for a while now, it means i’m getting that much more efficient with it. and it also meant i could work on and finish up a set of photos from my trip to st. john’s this summer to see a few of the best friends! goofs, or wha? the one of them falling still kills me.

now, if only that efficiency could be applied to homework! i will finish my projects, i will finish my projects, i will… finish… my projects… i will… finish sons.. of anarchy… what?

much love,


mcdonald family

a few favorite shots of a fall shoot with the mcdonald family that you might remember from this smash the cake this past summer! i love sessions with this family because they’re always so relaxed and unscripted, which makes it so easy to catch the kid’s huge (and very different) personalities. i’m still cracking up at them, so thanks again guys! it was a hilarious afternoon.

much love,


Birthday Lovin

The break I’ve had since my double wedding weekend of the 27th and 28th of July has been quite the much-needed needed vacation! It was my birthday this past Tuesday and after enjoying the day with the boyfriend, friends, and family I’ve just been relaxing as computer free since – minus some editing, I can’t help myself there.

I think we all ate way more for my birthday than what anyone should in the run of a full week, too (which is the only way to ring in a birthday of course). That has to be one of my absolute favorite things birthdays is all of food that gets cooked – every year certain family members always make me a carrot cake, cabbage rolls, strawberry cheesecake… You name it and we probably ate it. Sushi and cold-plates included too! Soo good.

The week was followed by a trip out to Rocky Harbor and Gros Morne to photograph some boat tours as well, but more on that later! It’s too hot today, and my wine is looking way better than my keyboard right now!

Much love, and hope everyone else isn’t suffering too much in this heat! Maybe I should have just wished for snow for my birthday?

Candace ❤

Long Weekend Love

I’ve been so busy with photos lately, in the past two weeks I’ve gotten to do two engagement sessions, a convocation session, and also my first smash the cake which was definitely a success! We also got the chance to do some night photos for May 2-4, and the stars were amazing. I find that it looks like their hanging off the trees.

After all of those photos and a good few BBQ’s (and food comas) later, it was an awesome long weekend for sure. Hope everyone else enjoyed the break!

Much love,

Candace ❤