Cynthia-1another favorite portrait for the grad catalogue!

this break from school this week is a bit of a saving grace and its helping me get over some bad feedback too. bad is a relative term i guess, it’s not end-of-the-world worthy but i tend to take things to heart sometimes. especially with the end being so close now that any hiccups are going to come across frustrating… but also in the same respect, the end is so close that its comforting enough to help me not let too much of a chip come off my shoulder. just to be a devils advocate i suppose!

disclaimer: if your under the age of 18 (is that when you graduate high school? 22 is feeling really old right now), then when you don’t know, what your teachers won’t tell you, and what the student loans people don’t want you to know so you spend every last penny hanging around for 52 years, and what your profs want to keep blanketed and far over your head… is that university is the farthest thing from real life. on this planet. ever.

really though, finishing is going to be the biggest relief.

(on this planet. EVER.)

do i mention that in every blog post? probably. my redundant apologies! although maybe if your finding this frustrating… unsubscribe until april. that’s when i’m done. which i’ve already mentioned, and will in all likelihood mention another 278 times until then!

much love,


knit in

Knitting-1 Knitting-3Knitting-4 Knitting-8 Knitting-11 Knitting-15 Knitting-17

the light in the fine arts building today was amazing! one of the girls as a project for our drawing class had a knit-in today, so i took a few shots for her. knitting is the, did you know?

much love,


bennett family!

Bennett-18 Bennett-27 Bennett-32 Bennett-40 Bennett-44 Bennett-47 Bennett-53 Bennett-69 Bennett-75 Bennett-82 Bennett-84 Bennett-87i was lucky enough to meet this little doll’s parents while on the jamaica wedding trip we photographed back in december, so when tonya contacted me afterwards and asked for a family session i had to say yes! she and lee are absolutely hilarious, so i of course jumped at the chance to meet their little head banger. (tonya has a video of emily doing this, not kidding. its hilarious).

another fun fact: lee has the fastest growing hair of any person i’ve ever met. when i met up with them for this shoot at first glance i didn’t know who he was, considering his much darker head of hair compared to very closely shaved head he was sporting in jamaica. truth.

in all honesty though, they were a wicked family to shoot and i’m really happy with how the photos turned out. hope you like!

much love,




Meg-1i’ve just started shooting for our year’s grad booklet, and meagan was probably the best we could have started with. we shot for maybe 5 minutes and despite her apparent awkwardness (her own claim, not mine) i have a good few favorites i’m really happy with.

and that’s about the only project i’m happy with as for now… school blues have set in. i feel like exam week has already arrived. the metaphorical exam week of course, because being in art school means no actual exams, just papers and projects and proposals out our ears and noses. but still. its exam week because the end is [relatively] near but there’s too much work standing between now and then to get excited, because if things keep going at this rate it’s going to be a long time until april.

as a do-er, its frustrating to know what i want to do, and not be able to do it because of other make-work assignments that are getting in the way. sometimes, i think my over-efficiency is a downfall. does that even make sense? i’m efficient when it comes to being productive with what i want to do, but if it doesn’t help me or help me complete a goal, i have a hard time maintaining interest.

stresssss city.

(i know it’ll get done. i also know it always works out. but for right now… its still 78 days and counting).

much love,


monday? monday.

today was definitely a monday.

on the bright side though, i picked up another disc of film photos i couldn’t be happier with. especially the last one! thoughts?

much love,



guess who just figured out how to do diptychs with just lightroom? THIS KID. i think it’s cool i’m still figuring out in-and-outs of editing software i’ve had for a while now, it means i’m getting that much more efficient with it. and it also meant i could work on and finish up a set of photos from my trip to st. john’s this summer to see a few of the best friends! goofs, or wha? the one of them falling still kills me.

now, if only that efficiency could be applied to homework! i will finish my projects, i will finish my projects, i will… finish… my projects… i will… finish sons.. of anarchy… what?

much love,


Salmonier Nature Park

So on our way out of St. John’s a few weeks ago, Dru, Megan and I got the chance to check out Salmonier Nature Park on the way home. It’s a government owned park that instead of operating like a zoo and bringing in animals, it works more as a rehab center or a permanent home for animals that won’t necessarily make it in the wild any more and each animal there had been brought in and taken care of for a specific reason. For instance, there was a snowy owl there that was in an open enclosure along the boardwalk that had unfortunately flown into a power line on the way down from Labrador a few years back. So instead of it being put down (or leaving it to survive in the wild and not be able to fly) it gets a new home with plenty of care and attention. Much better!

Here’s a few favorite shots from our tour through the park:

Nature Dru! Someone was puumped to head into the park.

Who knew we had otters in Newfoundland? This little guy had been found in a stream close to a residential area, so he was brought in to mature and be re-released soon.

A tamed crow that was in the restricted “rehab” center of the park so he could get ready to be re-released!

A snap turtle, who apparently he had been kept as a pet until he “grew too large” for his owners who released into a pond until Fisheries and Wildlife discovered him. (Clearly not native to NL).

That beautiful snowy owl!

A Great-Horned Owl! Absolutely beautiful, but this dude was brought into captivity because he had been scalping (yep, you read that right) people in Labrador. So, instead of putting him down or doing anything else harmful to him, he’s in a much safer home for people/his sake!

Two foxes from Labrador that were also in the rehab section of the park, and were also about to be re-released!

And there you have it, so hopefully if your passing through the Avalon area you stop by to check everything out and make a donation. The park has actually suffered a fair bit of damage from the storm Leslie that passed through a few days ago, so hopefully it manages to deal with repairs and fully reopen soon!

That, and say hi to Jeff if you meet him! He was a wicked guide.

Much love,

Candace //

Ja Ja Jules

I had the best time photographing my friend Julia over at Ja Ja Jules a few days ago! It was so nice to take portraits just for the fun of it, and even though she pulled the whole “I’m the worst at pictures” line she was no work at all. If you haven’t had the chance to migrate over to her blog yet you should check that out too. The girl’s (clearly) got style, and an awesome writing voice to go with it.

Much love,

Candace ❤

St. Johns

I had SUCH a fast trip out to St. John’s since driving out on Saturday to see my two best friends! Sarah (on my right) happened to come in from Alberta after doing a term in Nova Scotia, so when I heard she was coming I knew it meant a road trip out. Unfortunately it was a solo drive (I’m NOT meant to drive that long in a vehicle by myself, by hour six I was more than slightly fried after my laptop died and Gilmore Girls could no longer play through the stereo) but I’m hoping the drive back tomorrow goes fast like the return trips usually go anyway.

I’ll be missing the friends for sure, but I’m looking forward to going back! I also have to edit up a storm after having done a load of sessions just before I took off, but I’m actually looking forward to that too! My poor computer needs a good emptying.

Much love,

Can //