steady brook falls

a frame of steady brook falls, taken from a time lapse shot last week! time lapses are the bommmb. i’ll definitely post a video once it’s all put together!

scary thought for the day? 14 days until I am clued up with school for christmas (with only 6 actual class days left), 16 days until jamaica, and 136 until i’m finished for good. i know this stuff always ends up done, but hellooo towering workload! i proposed to my coffee over breakfast, we plan to be together until the very end.

much love,


man in the mountain

so i’m a liiiittle sore today, but it was definitely worth it. a steep hike, in twenty degrees heat, wearing a heavy camera backpack, with two awesome friends of mine? yeah, i’d still do it again. once I regain normal use of my leg muscles, of course… anyone willing to carry me up stairs in the meantime?

disclaimer: when your camera says F00 and will. not. adjust. your f-stop no matter how many times you push the dial or curse recently changed camera settings, don’t panic. finish fully attaching your lens that may or may not have been knocked loose in your backpack. ever seen a canon 24-70mm lens rocket down the face of a mountain? i haven’t thankfully. and don’t ever want to! (but almost did, and i still want to throw up at the thought).

much accident prone love,