Laura-1my class is quite the photogenic bunch. seriously though, i couldn’t be happier with how everything is turning out! now for the rest of term to go like this!

just saying here… 49 days and counting! um, yes.

much love,



Phil-1another portrait shot for school! phil’s been the easiest so far, so a huge thanks goes out for that! apparently if you tell a guy to sit on a coffee table in front of a window, he’ll laugh at how ridiculous you are, you take a shot of the “your absolutely whacked” smile, and your done 30 seconds later. ain’t no thing.

in other boring news, i finally don’t have a temperature of 40 degrees like i have for the past three days! whew. what a way to forget your name and all other obligations. thankfully the very kind doctor i saw yesterday helped and gave me every medication under the sun for the flu (not exaggerating, i write this while loving glancing at a puffer, antibiotics, nasonex which i have since ditched because unless you enjoy the taste of metal i don’t recommend, and ibuprofen). the funnest of times.

but its back to the homework grind again. this countdown of mine is about to tip into the forties!

much love,



Cynthia-1another favorite portrait for the grad catalogue!

this break from school this week is a bit of a saving grace and its helping me get over some bad feedback too. bad is a relative term i guess, it’s not end-of-the-world worthy but i tend to take things to heart sometimes. especially with the end being so close now that any hiccups are going to come across frustrating… but also in the same respect, the end is so close that its comforting enough to help me not let too much of a chip come off my shoulder. just to be a devils advocate i suppose!

disclaimer: if your under the age of 18 (is that when you graduate high school? 22 is feeling really old right now), then when you don’t know, what your teachers won’t tell you, and what the student loans people don’t want you to know so you spend every last penny hanging around for 52 years, and what your profs want to keep blanketed and far over your head… is that university is the farthest thing from real life. on this planet. ever.

really though, finishing is going to be the biggest relief.

(on this planet. EVER.)

do i mention that in every blog post? probably. my redundant apologies! although maybe if your finding this frustrating… unsubscribe until april. that’s when i’m done. which i’ve already mentioned, and will in all likelihood mention another 278 times until then!

much love,


knit in

Knitting-1 Knitting-3Knitting-4 Knitting-8 Knitting-11 Knitting-15 Knitting-17

the light in the fine arts building today was amazing! one of the girls as a project for our drawing class had a knit-in today, so i took a few shots for her. knitting is the, did you know?

much love,


playing catch up

KRA-1… and enjoying the snow day!

i love getting the chance to stay home, sit down, and start ticking things off to do lists. i’m already a few coffees and teas deep, and after having mailed the jamaica proofs yesterday (wooo! largest editing job to date for sure) i have a few family sessions left to clear up and then nothing but school to focus on.

i think february is going to fly faster than january too. we’re already about a week in, and after logging a hard week next week we have mid-term break – so, that means if i burrow my head under a blanket for a few days i might actually get to enjoy break and come back ready for march. YES.

running count until my time is my own… 71 days.

much (snowy) love,



Meg-1i’ve just started shooting for our year’s grad booklet, and meagan was probably the best we could have started with. we shot for maybe 5 minutes and despite her apparent awkwardness (her own claim, not mine) i have a good few favorites i’m really happy with.

and that’s about the only project i’m happy with as for now… school blues have set in. i feel like exam week has already arrived. the metaphorical exam week of course, because being in art school means no actual exams, just papers and projects and proposals out our ears and noses. but still. its exam week because the end is [relatively] near but there’s too much work standing between now and then to get excited, because if things keep going at this rate it’s going to be a long time until april.

as a do-er, its frustrating to know what i want to do, and not be able to do it because of other make-work assignments that are getting in the way. sometimes, i think my over-efficiency is a downfall. does that even make sense? i’m efficient when it comes to being productive with what i want to do, but if it doesn’t help me or help me complete a goal, i have a hard time maintaining interest.

stresssss city.

(i know it’ll get done. i also know it always works out. but for right now… its still 78 days and counting).

much love,


time lapse

Time Lapse-1a frame from a time lapse we’ve been working on since last term!

it’s been so cold since christmas i haven’t managed to get out a whole lot, and i still have some images on my camera waiting for an upload but its just been editing central lately.

hope everyone had a good weekend!

much love,


instagram favorites!

Fragile IG-1 IG-2 IG-3 Square IG-4i’ve been on a pretty big clean-reorganize-DIY kick lately. i blame picking through anthropologie one too many times. what a dream job working for that company would be! has anyone seen their store installations? whoa. sure its retail, but its also definitely art.

i’m also confused, has anyone seen christmas vacation or new years? i seem to have lost about 3 weeks of time that i vaguely remember but there’s no way it’s already over. if you find it though, please let me know! hopeless optimism here. schoolwork has already returned full force, and between assignments and editing it’s flat out as per usual again. and not that i mind a schedule, i am just overly attached to sleep (and 8:30 classes are fairly unforgiving).

i hope everyone else’s january isn’t kicking in too bad!

much love,