Meg-1i’ve just started shooting for our year’s grad booklet, and meagan was probably the best we could have started with. we shot for maybe 5 minutes and despite her apparent awkwardness (her own claim, not mine) i have a good few favorites i’m really happy with.

and that’s about the only project i’m happy with as for now… school blues have set in. i feel like exam week has already arrived. the metaphorical exam week of course, because being in art school means no actual exams, just papers and projects and proposals out our ears and noses. but still. its exam week because the end is [relatively] near but there’s too much work standing between now and then to get excited, because if things keep going at this rate it’s going to be a long time until april.

as a do-er, its frustrating to know what i want to do, and not be able to do it because of other make-work assignments that are getting in the way. sometimes, i think my over-efficiency is a downfall. does that even make sense? i’m efficient when it comes to being productive with what i want to do, but if it doesn’t help me or help me complete a goal, i have a hard time maintaining interest.

stresssss city.

(i know it’ll get done. i also know it always works out. but for right now… its still 78 days and counting).

much love,


Corner Brook for Canada Day

The Canada Day fireworks that were put off here last night in Corner Brook were UNREAL, and I was crazy lucky to get the shot I did. We actually walked up 45 minutes early to set up and get ready, and about 200 fly bites later (I wish I was kidding… they even bit me through my jeans) it was still worth it for sure. So far on Facebook, it’s had over 40 shares and close to 200 likes! Utter craziness.

How was everyone else’s Canada Day?

Much love,

Candace ❤