cue nearing-end-of-term freak out

i pretty much love routines. and being able to do what i want, when i want. does that contradict each other? probably. but either way, i love getting up on my own time, making a cup of coffee as soon as I get out of the shower, and taking my time getting ready while listening to a movie in the background. tidying my room, general organizing, editing, laundry, you name it. i actually like doing it all, and well… school’s in my head and definitely being taken into consideration, but is more of a really heavy pot on the back burner that’s a pain in my behind to lift up and bring out of the realm of second priority.

i know it’ll be finished soon, and that’s definitely a big enough kick to keep me ahead of all deadlines for the most part. but that point in the term is looming when there isn’t one thing due per week, it’s three or four per week.

hence the cue to end of term freak out. being able to enjoy next fall school free is going to be huuge.

much love,

/ Can


Talk about blog abandon! I half blame it on being so pumped over my new website and blog that it’s been hard to keep working on this one, and the other half I blame on just enjoying the guts right out of the last part of my summer! But now it’s back to school, and I’ve been missing blogging so here goes and I’ll keep updating this one right up until everything switches over.

So these photos are a session I did just a week ago with Jen & Max! I absolutely love horses and this ended up being one of my favorite shoots all summer. Max is 29 but you’d never guess! Beauty.

There’s loads more to update you on, so keep checking back. The one good thing about blog abandon means I haven’t stopped shooting and theres a stack as tall as I am of photos ready to upload!

Much love,


Corner Brook for Canada Day

The Canada Day fireworks that were put off here last night in Corner Brook were UNREAL, and I was crazy lucky to get the shot I did. We actually walked up 45 minutes early to set up and get ready, and about 200 fly bites later (I wish I was kidding… they even bit me through my jeans) it was still worth it for sure. So far on Facebook, it’s had over 40 shares and close to 200 likes! Utter craziness.

How was everyone else’s Canada Day?

Much love,

Candace ❤

Travel & Torte

As a pretty big mornings-are-the-worst-and-I-won’t-slash-can’t-get-up-early-for-anything kind of person, I actually mean it when I say after having to get up at 5, 6, and 7 for the last few mornings there is totally something to be said for it! It’s a shocker, I know.

Dru and I had the opportunity to go back out to Port Rexton this past weekend to help with with the shoot of the new Conference Center and to re-shoot the rest of the property for the Fishers Loft website and ad redesign, and I have to say it went really well. After an early rise with some morning coffee & breakfast the days were pretty non-stop, broken up with a fresh lunch, and then finished off with a phenomenal supper and drinks; the first night it was a 4 course lobster supper, and the second night a BBQ with the owners and families of the Inn – so we were spoiled to say the least.

I’ll definitely post more photos in the next few days as I’m processing, but its back to being pretty full tilt now. I also have to add… I’ve had my new Accent for exactly two weeks tomorrow (love it) and it’s already rounding off at 2000kms.

Travel is the best.

… That or it’s tied with great food. (I DID get to eat the chocolate torte pictured above once I finished shooting it. Did anyone know you could eat pansies? They’ve always been one of my favorite flowers, but now I think they’ve just moved to the top).

Much love,

Candace ❤

find a cuter baby, and i’ll give you a million dollars

just kidding! if i had a million dollars to spare, it’d be more like good luck finding me.

but seriously, that child kills me. i show up on sunday for her 1st birthday party, and i turn a corner to find her sitting on the floor and what does she do when she sees me? she applauds. i just about died, considering she’d never done that before. takes her little hands, grins up at me, and just claps.

i know everyone says this, the whole “oh they grow up so fast,” but it honestly feels like it was days ago that on my birthday i got the best and most hilarious phone call from my aunt kimmy which kind of went like this:

“hey babe! happy birthday!!!!”

“thanks kimmy!! popping up soon?”

“i was on my way but i just got called into work! but i do have to tell you though, i’m pregnant!”

……. please note, this was said in the same tone and manner you’d inform someone you were out of milk.

………… please note I never go speechless. i generally talk way, way too much.

i nearly up and died, and after (legitimately) a full minute of silence i full out sobbed and the only thing i heard on the phone after that was kimmy laughing uncontrollably. she has ALWAYS said she’s never having kids, and always joked that i was her child and she’d had enough after me so the news was a shock to say the least. seriously.

and now i have an upside down book reading, mohawk haired (i genuinely hope her hair stays like this for as long as humanly possible), icing faced bundle of awesome i wouldn’t trade for anything. happy 1st birthday addy!! you are the BEST birthday gift i would have never ever thought to have asked for.

much love,


ten thousand views!

considering how my blog is only about a year and a half old, and considering how its only been facebook public  for about a month or two the fact that it’s just hit ten thousand views is crazy to me!

there’s been such an explosion of support, subscriptions, comments, and views (and even a fair amount of people who have mentioned to me in person how they’ve had a look around) that i have to say a HUGE thanks! it can definitely be discouraging sometimes with trying to keep constantly producing new work and being pleased with it, but it’s all a learning process and at the end of the day i’m definitely happy with where I am with everything right now.

so that being said, I hope you keep checking back and by all means have at the comment box too! getting feedback here is the best!

so much love,


first digital project of the year

first of all, sorry for the lack of updates! getting back to school and out of work mode is going a bit slow. i really got used to keeping up a good photo momentum this summer along with work and such, so its hard to have other projects on the go plus wedding editing plus classes PLUS needing some free time to just breathe. don’t get me wrong though, i definitely enjoy school and it’s all good so no worries. i just wouldn’t turn down a few more weeks of summer!

anyhow, my first photo project of the year was due yesterday and due to the quality of the prints i had printed (it looked like i’ve never learned the definition of focus and or quality) i figured i’d upload them here instead. the assignment requirements were pretty open and just required that we worked with color. i’m actually really happy with how a lot of the photos turned out, even though I usually prefer black and white!

most of the photos are from around corner brook, some are on top of marble mountain, some down the bay or up the coast, and some are completely random I know.

much love,