hair today, gone tomorrow

Blog-3 Blog-2… not mine. yeah RIGHT.

sadly, dru and epic hair + shake-faces are coming to an end. but, the short hair is a welcome change and he’ll look awesome either way!

in other news… i may have slept in (i did) and unintentionally (honest) shaved my 6th last day of class completely off the map. (bad student. sorry pierre!)

seriously though, only 5 more days of driving back and forth to school say WHAT. and tomorrow is a holiday. and the sun is shining! the best.

much love,



Cynthia-1another favorite portrait for the grad catalogue!

this break from school this week is a bit of a saving grace and its helping me get over some bad feedback too. bad is a relative term i guess, it’s not end-of-the-world worthy but i tend to take things to heart sometimes. especially with the end being so close now that any hiccups are going to come across frustrating… but also in the same respect, the end is so close that its comforting enough to help me not let too much of a chip come off my shoulder. just to be a devils advocate i suppose!

disclaimer: if your under the age of 18 (is that when you graduate high school? 22 is feeling really old right now), then when you don’t know, what your teachers won’t tell you, and what the student loans people don’t want you to know so you spend every last penny hanging around for 52 years, and what your profs want to keep blanketed and far over your head… is that university is the farthest thing from real life. on this planet. ever.

really though, finishing is going to be the biggest relief.

(on this planet. EVER.)

do i mention that in every blog post? probably. my redundant apologies! although maybe if your finding this frustrating… unsubscribe until april. that’s when i’m done. which i’ve already mentioned, and will in all likelihood mention another 278 times until then!

much love,


playing catch up

KRA-1… and enjoying the snow day!

i love getting the chance to stay home, sit down, and start ticking things off to do lists. i’m already a few coffees and teas deep, and after having mailed the jamaica proofs yesterday (wooo! largest editing job to date for sure) i have a few family sessions left to clear up and then nothing but school to focus on.

i think february is going to fly faster than january too. we’re already about a week in, and after logging a hard week next week we have mid-term break – so, that means if i burrow my head under a blanket for a few days i might actually get to enjoy break and come back ready for march. YES.

running count until my time is my own… 71 days.

much (snowy) love,



Meg-1i’ve just started shooting for our year’s grad booklet, and meagan was probably the best we could have started with. we shot for maybe 5 minutes and despite her apparent awkwardness (her own claim, not mine) i have a good few favorites i’m really happy with.

and that’s about the only project i’m happy with as for now… school blues have set in. i feel like exam week has already arrived. the metaphorical exam week of course, because being in art school means no actual exams, just papers and projects and proposals out our ears and noses. but still. its exam week because the end is [relatively] near but there’s too much work standing between now and then to get excited, because if things keep going at this rate it’s going to be a long time until april.

as a do-er, its frustrating to know what i want to do, and not be able to do it because of other make-work assignments that are getting in the way. sometimes, i think my over-efficiency is a downfall. does that even make sense? i’m efficient when it comes to being productive with what i want to do, but if it doesn’t help me or help me complete a goal, i have a hard time maintaining interest.

stresssss city.

(i know it’ll get done. i also know it always works out. but for right now… its still 78 days and counting).

much love,


double exposure loving (as per usual)

i’m so never going to get tired of double exposures. the top one is an exposure of dru while we were out location scouting one saturday, and the bottom photo is an exposure of some leaves down the bay over my hippy purse (awesome bag, I broke one once and went out and bought its twin to replace it). picking up film is seriously like picking up presents. presents you have to pay for, but presents either way!

on another note, anyone have a suggestion for productivity or general alert-ness other than caffeine? today was an unfortunate sleep in, double expresso latte, energy drink, candy attempt at staying awake which have all so far not helped a whole lot. you know your ready to graduate university when!

much love,


pushing forward

(a behind the scenes shot of one of the environmental science students we got to photograph on the first day, glen keeling!)

i think this whole week has been the most positive photographic experience i’ve had so far. i mean, i’ve had great sessions before, difficult weddings and wonderful weddings, and explored (mostly just around newfoundland) with my camera too with some pretty exceptional people and loved every minute.


this whole week working so well with dave howells who was the main photographer, joanne who is the marketing director from grenfell, as well as paul bonsell who was the art director from toronto wasn’t just the icing on the cake of my encounters so far. it was pretty much the cake, the icing, and a very candle covered top.

it was exhausting for sure, pulling 14+ hours for a few days straight – but way more rewarding than anything else and i would still keep going with no complaints if i could! but sadly we’ve wrapped up today, and i’m beyond grateful i got to be the student photographer for this job. i’ve learned SO much in the last three days, and pretty much filled four 16G cards if that’s indication of how much going we did. and not to stay on this sentimental train, but photography (when given opportunities and jobs like this) is so worth it.

much love,


attempts in spraypainting

as much as i love photo, i’ve definitely been missing the more hands on/arts of my degree lately and tried out spraypainting recently just to give it a go. this was the first side i did and it’s defiiiiinitely rough (i kinda had to suppress the urge to spraypaint black all over it a good few times) but i’m half happy with it now, for a first attempt at least!

much love,



i’ve been housesitting for about a week now, and this is my little companion for the time being! her name is daisy, and she’s pretty much the sookiest little dog ever. little doll!

this summer is quickly winding down (sadly), but I’ve still got a few bigger things left. my last wedding of the summer is this saturday, there’s one more week left at the gallery, and hopefully there are some more photo adventures in there somewhere too! the thousands (not exaggerating whatsoever, there are literally thousands) of unedited photos sitting on my computer is a bit intimidating, but i’m getting through it at a good pace. housesitting has really helped though, because i’ve been able to edit nonstop during the days. except when daisy is begging for attention, which is often. but that’s a welcome break!

also – 5D Mark II en route, anyone? It needs to hurry itself UP. can’t wait!

much love,


lightroom & updates

so to say that lightroom is a good editing program is the understatement of the year after having only done my processing iPhoto so far. iPhoto is definitely good at organizing cleanly, but as far as editing goes it does more harm than good and the more you try and do with a photo the more you can see quality disappear (in my opinion anyway). if you haven’t made the switch, I totally recommend you do it soon.

on a few other random notes…

i’m 21 in a week. WHAT is that?

my blog just hit over 8000 views in a year and a half! to not have my blog overly public yet but to still have so many regular visitors is awesome, and i really appreciate it. thanks for checking back!

my summer weddings start this weekend, and while i’m a little nervous i’m more excited than anything. they’re all going to be beauutiful, and i get to kick off my first one on a wharf in port aux basques! awesome.

i still can’t really come to any concrete decision on harlow, which isn’t really a surprise but its something i’m still thinking about a lot. i’d want my new camera first, and if i could get it and still go i think i might pack my bags now and start driving to the airport. BUT possibly giving up on being able to afford anything (other than… nope, nothing) for a good while, which yes includes camera equipment, is stressing me out.

i have a slightly bigger soft spot for photography this week because i don’t know if you remember the portrait I posted in my last post of my pop, but the cabin it was taken in just a few weeks ago is now destroyed. apparently mother nature with the combined efforts of the rock face it sits below it had other plans for the area. thankfully everyone is safe, but its still sad to see my grandparents cabin and a place i’ve spent a lot of time at now destroyed. the whole family is pretty upset too, so it means a lot to me that there is a pretty accurate depiction of my pop relaxing in it on one of the last weekends it was standing. ❤

and finally, after rocking three jobs for the majority of may/june/july, it looks like for the majority of august i will pretty much be free from any sort of work whatsoever. a couple random hours in the gallery here and there if need be, and of course there’s some wedding editing in there too. but… THREE weeks to relax? so excited!

much love,


setting up

gallery set up for the new show is still going well! i’ve said this before, but man it’s awesome to see a show going up from start to finish. meeting and helping out the artists has been huge too, and one in particular who works primarily with textiles invited me to her studio to see more of her work and learn from her if i was interested. HUGE. i’m definitely taking her up on that. other than that, today was set up for the walls and it was cool to figure that stuff out too – like how to properly install pieces on the wall and measure for them. the only thing left is labeling and lighting, and then the opening! which I can’t make it sadly because I’m working at another job, but what can you do? at least I’ve been here for this stuff.

aaand now i’m half asleep. today was… wake up [late], work at the gallery, home to let panda out, george’s to pick up a cheque, back to work at the gallery, studying for an hour, english exam, home, supper, laundry, editing, bed. my days are always crazy, but that’s not a complaint! i actually wouldn’t change it, and this is definitely already the best summer ever.

much love,