newfoundland… represent!


so vaughn’s lying on a newfoundland flag, the brown thing underneath the flag is a beaver pelt, and his salt and pepper hat is lying close by. so no, this really could not have gotten any more newfoundland.

therefore, i had a solid laugh yesterday when i stumbled across this photo. i feel like he’s punching it and saying “newfoundland… represent.” even his little face looks so serious!

babies. hilarity!

much love,



Suz-1 Suz-2who wouldn’t want to start off a sunday morning with this little face?

seriously. suz (the beautiful momma pictured above!) is a good friend of mine & dru’s, and when she asked us to get together for a shoot with her little one i was in.

if i’m being honest, baby sessions are my favorite. who isn’t going to love a photo of a baby? and even in the madness i find those sessions really calming. is that weird? maybe its the oldest sister in me, or the old swim coach. i mean, hello… kiddy classes were the bomb. who else is going to say to me in awe, “wow, teacher! you swim like a dolphin… who swims like… like a mermaid!” now, while in reality that would probably look pretty messed up i still take it as a large compliment coming from a very shy three year old, and i laughed after that lesson for days. (thanks again grant!) seriously though, i say pass those sessions on.

on that note, the list of things to do/shoot when classes finally clues up is becoming endless. i love it.

much love,



Try as everyone did, no one could really spark much interest in the cake with Kylie or Caleb (bribes and toys even included). So a “smash the cake” session as it was turned more into “catch that child” for about an hour, and it was awesome!

My only complaint? Having to pick ones to delete rather than handing over the 500+ that I took! Slight insider tip: when kids are involved, rapid fire shooting is definitely the way to go. It’s the only way to catch them sometimes! My absolute favourite photo I took from the whole shoot is the black and white of Kylie walking down the steps with Melissa’s help, and there was definitely no way to have planned that. Love it ❤

Hope you like!

Much love,

// Candace

Poppy’s 70th Birthday


I haven’t really gotten to use the video function on my camera, so lately I’ve been messing with it and I managed to grab a pretty cute video of my little cousin and Pop on his 70th birthday that I figured I’d share! The 5D takes such gorgeous video, it’s too bad that the upload quality had to be brought down a fair bit for Flickr to take it but that’s all I could do. I’m still happy with it, so check it out!

Here’s another shot I took of Addy too, my baby girl’s getting so big!

Much love, Port Rexton & St. John’s posts to come soon!

// Can