cue nearing-end-of-term freak out

i pretty much love routines. and being able to do what i want, when i want. does that contradict each other? probably. but either way, i love getting up on my own time, making a cup of coffee as soon as I get out of the shower, and taking my time getting ready while listening to a movie in the background. tidying my room, general organizing, editing, laundry, you name it. i actually like doing it all, and well… school’s in my head and definitely being taken into consideration, but is more of a really heavy pot on the back burner that’s a pain in my behind to lift up and bring out of the realm of second priority.

i know it’ll be finished soon, and that’s definitely a big enough kick to keep me ahead of all deadlines for the most part. but that point in the term is looming when there isn’t one thing due per week, it’s three or four per week.

hence the cue to end of term freak out. being able to enjoy next fall school free is going to be huuge.

much love,

/ Can

instagram favorites & updates

considering the lack of [actual camera] photos I’ve been able to take lately with school being such madness, i figured i’d share a few instagram favorites from the past while!

on the updates side i just booked yet another wedding for next year! annnd… after the local paper the western star ran¬†this¬†feature with dru a few weeks ago, its apparently my turn now and I have a full-page feature coming out on this tuesday the 20th! the only thing left now is for my print course to finish up and then i can finally start to appreciate christmas break. and time to catch up on sleep!

much love,