double exposures: digital edition II

DE-2 DE-1i’ve kept trying my hand at double exposures and have really loved these last two!

normally with film, the double exposures have been of one certain image and then overlaid with a completely different image in a completely different setting. with these being digital, they were shot similarly and with the same lighting as well. the second one is even two very similar shots of the one rose, just in slightly different positions which i found wound up being pretty ghostly. thoughts?

much love!


double exposure loving (as per usual)

i’m so never going to get tired of double exposures. the top one is an exposure of dru while we were out location scouting one saturday, and the bottom photo is an exposure of some leaves down the bay over my hippy purse (awesome bag, I broke one once and went out and bought its twin to replace it). picking up film is seriously like picking up presents. presents you have to pay for, but presents either way!

on another note, anyone have a suggestion for productivity or general alert-ness other than caffeine? today was an unfortunate sleep in, double expresso latte, energy drink, candy attempt at staying awake which have all so far not helped a whole lot. you know your ready to graduate university when!

much love,


cue nearing-end-of-term freak out

i pretty much love routines. and being able to do what i want, when i want. does that contradict each other? probably. but either way, i love getting up on my own time, making a cup of coffee as soon as I get out of the shower, and taking my time getting ready while listening to a movie in the background. tidying my room, general organizing, editing, laundry, you name it. i actually like doing it all, and well… school’s in my head and definitely being taken into consideration, but is more of a really heavy pot on the back burner that’s a pain in my behind to lift up and bring out of the realm of second priority.

i know it’ll be finished soon, and that’s definitely a big enough kick to keep me ahead of all deadlines for the most part. but that point in the term is looming when there isn’t one thing due per week, it’s three or four per week.

hence the cue to end of term freak out. being able to enjoy next fall school free is going to be huuge.

much love,

/ Can

just (your randomly organized) tuesday

who knew pasadena actually had an awesome fabric shop? (who knew pasadena actually had anything is probably a better question). anyway, whit and i headed up there today to get her wedding dress sized and fitted, and i’ll definitely have to go back and get some fabric for projects. loved loved loved some of the stuff up there.

this week has actually been pretty productive art-wise. so far, i’m finished editing wedding pictures, started my first/second paintings of the summer (although I think they’re just experimental ones for now and I have to buy new canvases for an actual finished piece), and am slowly figuring out a good photography project for the summer as well. i didn’t do very much art at alll last summer and I was drove by september, so hopefully this summer goes a lot better.

i think it will though, life in general is pretty sweet right now and here’s to hoping it keeps going like this too. besides, of course, my brief moment of insanity last week when I registered for an english course over intersession. it only runes may 9 – june 22nd on tuesday/thursday nights, soo while it’s definitely going to suck (the e-s-s-a-y word is still quite the dirty word after last term), it’s in children’s literature so it shouldn’t be too bad and it’ll make my next term easier. bright side!

everyone slowly starts coming back home starting tonight too! safe travels : )

much love,