andrew, raven, whitney, & virginia

Andrew-6 Raven-1 Whitney-1Virginia-1this is the second last part of the grad catalogue series! funny how what has kept me busy for the entire month of february has made all the difference for my whole term, and for what I picked out for my graduation show too. speaking off… the grad show pieces got delivered yesterday! SUCH a relief.

back to… applications, work, and essays up to my eyeballs. 12 days to go!

much love,



Meg-1i’ve just started shooting for our year’s grad booklet, and meagan was probably the best we could have started with. we shot for maybe 5 minutes and despite her apparent awkwardness (her own claim, not mine) i have a good few favorites i’m really happy with.

and that’s about the only project i’m happy with as for now… school blues have set in. i feel like exam week has already arrived. the metaphorical exam week of course, because being in art school means no actual exams, just papers and projects and proposals out our ears and noses. but still. its exam week because the end is [relatively] near but there’s too much work standing between now and then to get excited, because if things keep going at this rate it’s going to be a long time until april.

as a do-er, its frustrating to know what i want to do, and not be able to do it because of other make-work assignments that are getting in the way. sometimes, i think my over-efficiency is a downfall. does that even make sense? i’m efficient when it comes to being productive with what i want to do, but if it doesn’t help me or help me complete a goal, i have a hard time maintaining interest.

stresssss city.

(i know it’ll get done. i also know it always works out. but for right now… its still 78 days and counting).

much love,



gets up, gets ready and leaves for school, forget prints at home. goes to class, forgets about meeting after class in the afternoon. goes home to get prints before meeting, lodges wallet on bed, forgets wallet at home. goes to meeting, on to pick up wallet from nice parent who brings it to corner brook for me, goes to the grocery store. forgets to buy something in grocery store. goes back in to pick it up, forgets phone. goes back into store to retrieve phone, doesn’t actually forget it, it just fell out of my pocket onto the car seat.

that all happened in the one day, but its a pretty good summary for the flow of my week. school, that’ll do that it to ya (even though that day was a bit excessive). one month left to this term, 42 days until Jamaica, and 163 until I’ll be university free. um… YES.

much love,


Convocation Beauties

So it’s been a crazy week with scheduled shoots alone! I’ve been shooting literally nonstop, first for the Corner Brook Port Corporation one morning, then shooting for Memorial for the new ad campaign launch with The Buried Life the same day, now convocation portraits today, and another wedding tomorrow.

I looked at my iPhone on Sunday night and knew this week was going to be crazy, and while yes I’m definitely in need of some extra sleep I’m actually loving it! I find all of this work is pushing me to get more creative, especially with the rain today for convocation photos meaning mostly everything had to be shot inside.

Previews of the rest soon! This kid is off to bed.

Much love,


Nancy’s Convocation

I’ve been having the best time with all the photo work I’ve had the opportunity to do lately, and I was definitely flattered when Nancy contacted me and asked was I able to do her convocation photos. We actually graduated high school together, and it’s crazy to hear of friends graduating university already! I’m soo ready, but I still have another year to get through. Soon!

SO that being said, the biggest of congratulations to Nancy on her Bachelor of Arts (with Honours of course!) and the best of luck in the future : )

Much love,

Candace ❤