Guess Who’s Birthday It Wasn’t?

Kids are so expressive.

I find sometimes that it’s the “Smash the Cakes” or family portrait sessions that challenge me the most, even over doing day long weddings. I think it’s because for a wedding I can generally take a more “documentary” approach to the day, and capture things as it comes and goes. For children? Kids are awesome, and I’ve met some hilarious kids doing this that make my job easy. But for some sessions I know it’s not going to go too smoothly. I mean, I can weather a full-on-screech with the best of them, especially after teaching swimming lessons to tots and children alike for two years.

Don’t want to swim? Cry away! Parents, pass me the kid anyway. They’ll stop eventually, my ears are immune!

Except this isn’t swimming lessons any more, and while I might be able to shoulder the cries I’m seriously doubting its the red-faced and teary-eyed shots parents are looking to have up over their walls. Logically I’m sure that if I was one years old, told to smash a cake in the sticky grass like it was normal, and ignore the stranger who’s holding up a huge black object that makes weird noises right up in my face, I’d kick up a fuss too. Hence the challenge! And as hard as it is to get the shot they’re looking for, it’s still always worth it. The expressions you manage to get sometimes (intentional or unintentional) are the best.

Much love!

Candace ❤


happy halloween!

happy halloween from my favorite little chicken! i did this shoot a few weeks ago and still smile when i look at the pictures. my little babe of a cousin is toooo cute!

on a blogging note, the month break definitely wasn’t intentional! just had so much photo work piled up i didn’t want to be posting new material from my new camera when i still had one wedding left from august i was still working through. but after a few swift kicks to my own behind (and a very productive friday night to myself with my mac and a few good movies playing in the background for sanity reasons) i managed to finish off the very last of my summer editing. waking up saturday morning with that done was such a huuge relief! four more weeks, one fall wedding to edit, a few other shoots to edit, and too many school projects and I will be enjoying christmas break to the VERY fullest.

and its back to work!

much love,