I’m going to go out on a limb and say photographing a wedding like Kev & Holly’s is why I enjoy what I do. Now, I’ll totally admit I’ve done a few weddings in which afterwards, I thought the only way I would feel better would be by packing up my camera (lenses and all), putting everything in a bag, and launching it onto the side of a road next a cardboard sign saying “free” ¬†haphazardly propped up somewhere in it’s vicinity… My dues have definitely been paid on a few fronts.¬†So when the day goes as fun as these two’s did, and you end up tearing it up (eyes wise and dance floor wise I might add) I can’t help but be genuinely jacked. There might be a bit of a negative “air” that blows around to admitting I am in fact a wedding photographer, but come on. Who else gets to hang out with people on one of the happiest days of their lives? That’s a lot of happy when the weddings start piling up!

You can’t really beat that.

Much love,

Candace //

Second View

This was by far my favourite shot I took in St. John’s on our trip a few weeks ago. I actually don’t know the couple but I just so happened to be walking past when I saw them there taking the picture of the icebergs that floated into Quidi Vidi. I love their steadiness, and call me a sap but I hope I’ll still have someone to run around with me when I’m grey! Of course, I’ll be holding a camera too ; )

Much love,

Can //

noelle & tom

i had the best time shooting noelle & tom last week at marble mountain, and i can honestly say i can’t wait for their wedding next september! that… and she has the prettiest hair ever.

on the university side, there are maybe ten days left until term is over? i’m just about ready to stop counting days, and start counting hours seeing how all this pretty snow we’ve been getting has me hearing christmas music in my head. not to mention how a new epiphanie camera bag is something i’m trying reaaally hard not to find from its hiding spot!

much love,