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Fragile IG-1 IG-2 IG-3 Square IG-4i’ve been on a pretty big clean-reorganize-DIY kick lately. i blame picking through¬†anthropologie¬†one too many times. what a dream job working for that company would be! has anyone seen their store installations? whoa. sure its retail, but its also definitely art.

i’m also confused, has anyone seen christmas vacation or new years? i seem to have lost about 3 weeks of time that i vaguely remember but there’s no way it’s already over. if you find it though, please let me know! hopeless optimism here. schoolwork has already returned full force, and between assignments and editing it’s flat out as per usual again. and not that i mind a schedule, i am just overly attached to sleep (and 8:30 classes are fairly unforgiving).

i hope everyone else’s january isn’t kicking in too bad!

much love,


Adventures in Split Toning

After finishing up Joanne & Daniel’s wedding editing this past week I stumbled across another favorite when I found this shot! I actually split toned it, and I was really happy with the effect when I added a pink tinge to the highlights and another warm hue to the shadows.


Much love,


happy halloween!

happy halloween from my favorite little chicken! i did this shoot a few weeks ago and still smile when i look at the pictures. my little babe of a cousin is toooo cute!

on a blogging note, the month break definitely wasn’t intentional! just had so much photo work piled up i didn’t want to be posting new material from my new camera when i still had one wedding left from august i was still working through. but after a few swift kicks to my own behind (and a very productive friday night to myself with my mac and a few good movies playing in the background for sanity reasons) i managed to finish off the very last of my summer editing. waking up saturday morning with that done was such a huuge relief! four more weeks, one fall wedding to edit, a few other shoots to edit, and too many school projects and I will be enjoying christmas break to the VERY fullest.

and its back to work!

much love,