playing catch up

KRA-1… and enjoying the snow day!

i love getting the chance to stay home, sit down, and start ticking things off to do lists. i’m already a few coffees and teas deep, and after having mailed the jamaica proofs yesterday (wooo! largest editing job to date for sure) i have a few family sessions left to clear up and then nothing but school to focus on.

i think february is going to fly faster than january too. we’re already about a week in, and after logging a hard week next week we have mid-term break – so, that means if i burrow my head under a blanket for a few days i might actually get to enjoy break and come back ready for march. YES.

running count until my time is my own… 71 days.

much (snowy) love,


breakfast with the carey/macdonald family!

Olli-2-2 Olli-2-3 Olli-3 Olli-4 Olli-5 Olli-6

Olli-1 Olli-2i’ve pretty much known this family forever (suz who is a best friend of my aunts has probably been around since i’ve been a baby) and i was thrilled when they pitched the idea of their shoot with me! i mean, breakfast shoot? you just said my favorite word. (ps, its breakfast). sign me up now!

oli is such a sweetheart too, and has actually just became a big brother! i definitely can’t wait to meet jesse, and if he has even a bit of his brothers personality he’s going to be another total charmer.

on relatively the same note, it was surprising how much i enjoyed shooting indoors! its something families have been asking for more and more lately and after looking through more work by jenny jimenez i’m way more open to it. seriously – check out her work. its is like fine art fashion photography of regular people in their however-as-is homes and i love it.

hope you like!

much love,


mcdonald family

a few favorite shots of a fall shoot with the mcdonald family that you might remember from this smash the cake this past summer! i love sessions with this family because they’re always so relaxed and unscripted, which makes it so easy to catch the kid’s huge (and very different) personalities. i’m still cracking up at them, so thanks again guys! it was a hilarious afternoon.

much love,


Poppy’s 70th Birthday


I haven’t really gotten to use the video function on my camera, so lately I’ve been messing with it and I managed to grab a pretty cute video of my little cousin and Pop on his 70th birthday that I figured I’d share! The 5D takes such gorgeous video, it’s too bad that the upload quality had to be brought down a fair bit for Flickr to take it but that’s all I could do. I’m still happy with it, so check it out!

Here’s another shot I took of Addy too, my baby girl’s getting so big!

Much love, Port Rexton & St. John’s posts to come soon!

// Can


i just finished editing through a shoot i had in the park two weeks ago, and figured i’d share some of my favorites. lauren and her family were suuper easy to work with, not to mention her being ADORABLE. look at her cheeks! she is such a little doll.

i’m also now down to having one last wedding to finish, which I have to admit has definitely been my favorite so far. it was all shot at the beautiful grounds and fields at strawberry hill actually, and i’ve joked with the bride since that i’m only going to accept clients through her now because she knows how its done!

(stress free. do it stress free.)

much love,


happy halloween!

happy halloween from my favorite little chicken! i did this shoot a few weeks ago and still smile when i look at the pictures. my little babe of a cousin is toooo cute!

on a blogging note, the month break definitely wasn’t intentional! just had so much photo work piled up i didn’t want to be posting new material from my new camera when i still had one wedding left from august i was still working through. but after a few swift kicks to my own behind (and a very productive friday night to myself with my mac and a few good movies playing in the background for sanity reasons) i managed to finish off the very last of my summer editing. waking up saturday morning with that done was such a huuge relief! four more weeks, one fall wedding to edit, a few other shoots to edit, and too many school projects and I will be enjoying christmas break to the VERY fullest.

and its back to work!

much love,



so i got to spend the day with bri and treat her to some ice cream just a few days ago, and after we were finished she let me take some photos of her (i’m still editing away at wedding photos and haven’t gotten much time to use my new camera) so i figured i’d share! she’s such a beauty. 

hope you like! i’m really looking forward to getting more and more into portraits once the rest of my summer editing is finished.

much love,