Birthday Lovin

The break I’ve had since my double wedding weekend of the 27th and 28th of July has been quite the much-needed needed vacation! It was my birthday this past Tuesday and after enjoying the day with the boyfriend, friends, and family I’ve just been relaxing as computer free since – minus some editing, I can’t help myself there.

I think we all ate way more for my birthday than what anyone should in the run of a full week, too (which is the only way to ring in a birthday of course). That has to be one of my absolute favorite things birthdays is all of food that gets cooked – every year certain family members always make me a carrot cake, cabbage rolls, strawberry cheesecake… You name it and we probably ate it. Sushi and cold-plates included too! Soo good.

The week was followed by a trip out to Rocky Harbor and Gros Morne to photograph some boat tours as well, but more on that later! It’s too hot today, and my wine is looking way better than my keyboard right now!

Much love, and hope everyone else isn’t suffering too much in this heat! Maybe I should have just wished for snow for my birthday?

Candace ❤

Travel & Torte

As a pretty big mornings-are-the-worst-and-I-won’t-slash-can’t-get-up-early-for-anything kind of person, I actually mean it when I say after having to get up at 5, 6, and 7 for the last few mornings there is totally something to be said for it! It’s a shocker, I know.

Dru and I had the opportunity to go back out to Port Rexton this past weekend to help with with the shoot of the new Conference Center and to re-shoot the rest of the property for the Fishers Loft website and ad redesign, and I have to say it went really well. After an early rise with some morning coffee & breakfast the days were pretty non-stop, broken up with a fresh lunch, and then finished off with a phenomenal supper and drinks; the first night it was a 4 course lobster supper, and the second night a BBQ with the owners and families of the Inn – so we were spoiled to say the least.

I’ll definitely post more photos in the next few days as I’m processing, but its back to being pretty full tilt now. I also have to add… I’ve had my new Accent for exactly two weeks tomorrow (love it) and it’s already rounding off at 2000kms.

Travel is the best.

… That or it’s tied with great food. (I DID get to eat the chocolate torte pictured above once I finished shooting it. Did anyone know you could eat pansies? They’ve always been one of my favorite flowers, but now I think they’ve just moved to the top).

Much love,

Candace ❤

Port Rexton: Cheesecake For Breakfast

So just a few weeks ago Dru and I got to head out to Port Rexton for the weekend, and seeing as how I definitely wasn’t missing the opportunity to go I actually ended up working all night and after getting off at 4am, went home to shower and pack the car and we headed out by 6. Sleep when your dead, right?

In short, Port Rexton is amazing. If you ever get the chance to go through, you’ve definitely got to check out The Fishers Loft Inn (it was the owners of the Loft and their family who were awesome enough to put us up for the weekend), and the whole place including the new conference centre they’ve expanded to add is gorgeous to say the least. They’ve even began a partnership with the gallery I work in at Grenfell to include artwork from students in throughout the rooms & buildings that visitors are free to buy if they like too. It’s HUGE to see that such a place isn’t just looking to support the tourism industry, but local artists as well.

The photos above are from Port Rexton and the surrounding towns including Bonaventure, Bonavista, Cape Bonavista, Elliston, and so on. There was so much to check out you’d definitely need a few days to see it and appreciate it!

I could go on and on easily, but to put it simply the whole weekend was a very “cheesecake for breakfast” kind of deal. That is if you like cheesecake of course. If you don’t, theres something wrong with you though. It was unreal, and I really hope to go through again this summer and check it out again soon!

Much love,

Can ❤

summer is here

yesterday was the perfect first real summer day. i actually managed to get up (somewhat) early and make it to school for a quick meeting for a group project, went out to lunch with a best friend of mine, bought some shirts from a boy of mine, visited another best friend, worked for a bit, went on my first (polar) float of the year with my sister and friend, and even managed to return to a normal body temperature later even though the water was pretty much five degrees.

this summer is definitely going to be the busiest summer ever, but I’m looking forward to it. i have a new job at the gallery too! while it may be job number three, it means that my tuition is paid for next term and i get money for myself besides. soo happy, i’ve had my fingers crossed for this job for a while! working for school, in an art-related job? … yes please.

much love,