Talk about blog abandon! I half blame it on being so pumped over my new website and blog that it’s been hard to keep working on this one, and the other half I blame on just enjoying the guts right out of the last part of my summer! But now it’s back to school, and I’ve been missing blogging so here goes and I’ll keep updating this one right up until everything switches over.

So these photos are a session I did just a week ago with Jen & Max! I absolutely love horses and this ended up being one of my favorite shoots all summer. Max is 29 but you’d never guess! Beauty.

There’s loads more to update you on, so keep checking back. The one good thing about blog abandon means I haven’t stopped shooting and theres a stack as tall as I am of photos ready to upload!

Much love,


Beauty Day

It was a beauty of a barn day last weekend, and it’s a beauty of a day again today.

My studio space has been cleaned out, and everything is FINALLY all passed in. It’s so nice to be finally done for the summer. ❤ Luck to the rest of my friends still in the middle of their exams!

Much love,

// Can