double exposures: digital edition II

DE-2 DE-1i’ve kept trying my hand at double exposures and have really loved these last two!

normally with film, the double exposures have been of one certain image and then overlaid with a completely different image in a completely different setting. with these being digital, they were shot similarly and with the same lighting as well. the second one is even two very similar shots of the one rose, just in slightly different positions which i found wound up being pretty ghostly. thoughts?

much love!


double exposure: photoshop edition

LR Double Exposure-1i’ve been curious for a while what it would be like to start doing manual double exposures, so on a fairly spur of the moment trip to st. john’s this weekend to see my sister i took advantage of the 8 hours travel time both ways and tried my hand at them.

i’ll admit i’m pretty much photoshop illiterate, so i edited both images in lightroom first and them imported them into photoshop, played with opacities, reimported the final images to lightroom and fixed minor details and clarity. thoughts? it still doesn’t touch film (duh, considering film is the best) but i think it might be interesting all the same.

hope everyone had a good weekend!

much love,


Adventures in Split Toning

After finishing up Joanne & Daniel’s wedding editing this past week I stumbled across another favorite when I found this shot! I actually split toned it, and I was really happy with the effect when I added a pink tinge to the highlights and another warm hue to the shadows.


Much love,


lightroom & updates

so to say that lightroom is a good editing program is the understatement of the year after having only done my processing iPhoto so far. iPhoto is definitely good at organizing cleanly, but as far as editing goes it does more harm than good and the more you try and do with a photo the more you can see quality disappear (in my opinion anyway). if you haven’t made the switch, I totally recommend you do it soon.

on a few other random notes…

i’m 21 in a week. WHAT is that?

my blog just hit over 8000 views in a year and a half! to not have my blog overly public yet but to still have so many regular visitors is awesome, and i really appreciate it. thanks for checking back!

my summer weddings start this weekend, and while i’m a little nervous i’m more excited than anything. they’re all going to be beauutiful, and i get to kick off my first one on a wharf in port aux basques! awesome.

i still can’t really come to any concrete decision on harlow, which isn’t really a surprise but its something i’m still thinking about a lot. i’d want my new camera first, and if i could get it and still go i think i might pack my bags now and start driving to the airport. BUT possibly giving up on being able to afford anything (other than… nope, nothing) for a good while, which yes includes camera equipment, is stressing me out.

i have a slightly bigger soft spot for photography this week because i don’t know if you remember the portrait I posted in my last post of my pop, but the cabin it was taken in just a few weeks ago is now destroyed. apparently mother nature with the combined efforts of the rock face it sits below it had other plans for the area. thankfully everyone is safe, but its still sad to see my grandparents cabin and a place i’ve spent a lot of time at now destroyed. the whole family is pretty upset too, so it means a lot to me that there is a pretty accurate depiction of my pop relaxing in it on one of the last weekends it was standing. ❤

and finally, after rocking three jobs for the majority of may/june/july, it looks like for the majority of august i will pretty much be free from any sort of work whatsoever. a couple random hours in the gallery here and there if need be, and of course there’s some wedding editing in there too. but… THREE weeks to relax? so excited!

much love,