guess who just figured out how to do diptychs with just lightroom? THIS KID. i think it’s cool i’m still figuring out in-and-outs of editing software i’ve had for a while now, it means i’m getting that much more efficient with it. and it also meant i could work on and finish up a set of photos from my trip to st. john’s this summer to see a few of the best friends! goofs, or wha? the one of them falling still kills me.

now, if only that efficiency could be applied to homework! i will finish my projects, i will finish my projects, i will… finish… my projects… i will… finish sons.. of anarchy… what?

much love,


long weekend visit

cannot even begin to start with how much i miss photographing this face! leanne and her boyfriend taylor (a first-timer to newfoundland, who it was awesome to finally meet after hearing about him for so long!) and dru and i took a drive out to port au port this past long weekend on their too-short visit to show them the hidden falls area we came across not too long ago.

the light the whole drive was unreal, with light beams coming down from the clouds everywhere and this gorgeous orange glow from the sunset. and while it was a fair way out of corner brook, it was worth it for sure and i’m officially bummed the visit wasn’t longer. too many friends are living away!

much love,


shake face

as an assignment for one of my classes after being given the theme of “humor,” i knew i wanted to have fun with a portrait project. so… meet shake face! technically called jowling, it’s when you shake your face back and forth until the muscles in your face relax, creating hilarious distortions when photographed. while not the most flattering way to have your portrait taken, i actually really enjoy it. i didn’t present the project in digital form either, but more on that later!


much love (and a huge thanks to dru for shake-facing so many times!)



Talk about blog abandon! I half blame it on being so pumped over my new website and blog that it’s been hard to keep working on this one, and the other half I blame on just enjoying the guts right out of the last part of my summer! But now it’s back to school, and I’ve been missing blogging so here goes and I’ll keep updating this one right up until everything switches over.

So these photos are a session I did just a week ago with Jen & Max! I absolutely love horses and this ended up being one of my favorite shoots all summer. Max is 29 but you’d never guess! Beauty.

There’s loads more to update you on, so keep checking back. The one good thing about blog abandon means I haven’t stopped shooting and theres a stack as tall as I am of photos ready to upload!

Much love,


Grad Day 2: Grand March

Grand March day turned out really well! I only had to boss them around a little ; )

A final and HUGE congrats to those who graduated! I officially am so old I no longer know anyone still going to high school. Crazy!

Much love,

Candace ❤

setting up

gallery set up for the new show is still going well! i’ve said this before, but man it’s awesome to see a show going up from start to finish. meeting and helping out the artists has been huge too, and one in particular who works primarily with textiles invited me to her studio to see more of her work and learn from her if i was interested. HUGE. i’m definitely taking her up on that. other than that, today was set up for the walls and it was cool to figure that stuff out too – like how to properly install pieces on the wall and measure for them. the only thing left is labeling and lighting, and then the opening! which I can’t make it sadly because I’m working at another job, but what can you do? at least I’ve been here for this stuff.

aaand now i’m half asleep. today was… wake up [late], work at the gallery, home to let panda out, george’s to pick up a cheque, back to work at the gallery, studying for an hour, english exam, home, supper, laundry, editing, bed. my days are always crazy, but that’s not a complaint! i actually wouldn’t change it, and this is definitely already the best summer ever.

much love,


the sky is falling

these were taken the other night, just before i thought i saw a shooting star. and by shooting star… i meant meteor. apparently this is the time for the perseid meteor shower, which peaked last night at over 100 per hour. SO pretty!

anyway, the sky was beautiful before night hit too and i couldn’t help taking a few shots. i didn’t take my camera out for the shower though, a) because I didn’t expect it and b), because I was too busy just enjoying it. it was a good night!

i hope everyone else got a chance to see the shower!

much love,