a quick bonne bay trip

^ growth wall! notice now I never made it past like, a quarter of the way up? yeah, yeah. my older guy cousins made it to the top, and my last mark stopped at about, 2002. nbd.

coolest rain jacket ever, no?

we made a quick trip out to bonne bay the other day just to check up on the cabin and drop off some stuff, and i was HOPING to get some more photos but the weather was a bit too wet to stay out and shoot for long.

also… 65+ hour work weeks anyone? you don’t even want to knoww how much coffee i’ve been drinking. besides working at the gallery now and ski world later, i’m currently going through my bloglovin account though and trying to bookmark images for ideas and trying to write out a few project/photoshoot ideas of my own for the summer. there’s so much I’d like to do, it just seems like until august everything is going to be a biit of a three job blur. it’s definitely worth it though, and a 50 f/1.4 will be mine within a week! can’t wait.

much love,