hair today, gone tomorrow

Blog-3 Blog-2… not mine. yeah RIGHT.

sadly, dru and epic hair + shake-faces are coming to an end. but, the short hair is a welcome change and he’ll look awesome either way!

in other news… i may have slept in (i did) and unintentionally (honest) shaved my 6th last day of class completely off the map. (bad student. sorry pierre!)

seriously though, only 5 more days of driving back and forth to school say WHAT. and tomorrow is a holiday. and the sun is shining! the best.

much love,


shake face

as an assignment for one of my classes after being given the theme of “humor,” i knew i wanted to have fun with a portrait project. so… meet shake face! technically called jowling, it’s when you shake your face back and forth until the muscles in your face relax, creating hilarious distortions when photographed. while not the most flattering way to have your portrait taken, i actually really enjoy it. i didn’t present the project in digital form either, but more on that later!


much love (and a huge thanks to dru for shake-facing so many times!)