the prettiest moon

MoonStarsyes, i took this, but it’s two photos. i’m still on the digital double exposures train!

(which is kind of cheating… but isn’t the moon pretty?)

much love,



time lapse

Time Lapse-1a frame from a time lapse we’ve been working on since last term!

it’s been so cold since christmas i haven’t managed to get out a whole lot, and i still have some images on my camera waiting for an upload but its just been editing central lately.

hope everyone had a good weekend!

much love,


Long Weekend Love

I’ve been so busy with photos lately, in the past two weeks I’ve gotten to do two engagement sessions, a convocation session, and also my first smash the cake which was definitely a success! We also got the chance to do some night photos for May 2-4, and the stars were amazing. I find that it looks like their hanging off the trees.

After all of those photos and a good few BBQ’s (and food comas) later, it was an awesome long weekend for sure. Hope everyone else enjoyed the break!

Much love,

Candace ❤

winter night shots

just a few night shots i managed to get recently! i loved how the trees were backlit by the lights of corner brook, or the highway behind it. for much better quality, you can check these shots out on flickr here.

i’m also going to throw out there how a skidoo ride for a friday night is definitely not a bad way to go, at the risk of sounding extremely newfie! even though the groomed trails in certain areas still resemble more of a pretty uneven roller coaster at this point, and how i might still be feeling it a bit in my shoulders (a camera backpack full of two people’s gear definitely isn’t light) it was worth it for sure.

much love,