Summer Nonstalgia

A summer favorite.

Much love,




Talk about blog abandon! I half blame it on being so pumped over my new website and blog that it’s been hard to keep working on this one, and the other half I blame on just enjoying the guts right out of the last part of my summer! But now it’s back to school, and I’ve been missing blogging so here goes and I’ll keep updating this one right up until everything switches over.

So these photos are a session I did just a week ago with Jen & Max! I absolutely love horses and this ended up being one of my favorite shoots all summer. Max is 29 but you’d never guess! Beauty.

There’s loads more to update you on, so keep checking back. The one good thing about blog abandon means I haven’t stopped shooting and theres a stack as tall as I am of photos ready to upload!

Much love,


Birthday Lovin

The break I’ve had since my double wedding weekend of the 27th and 28th of July has been quite the much-needed needed vacation! It was my birthday this past Tuesday and after enjoying the day with the boyfriend, friends, and family I’ve just been relaxing as computer free since – minus some editing, I can’t help myself there.

I think we all ate way more for my birthday than what anyone should in the run of a full week, too (which is the only way to ring in a birthday of course). That has to be one of my absolute favorite things birthdays is all of food that gets cooked – every year certain family members always make me a carrot cake, cabbage rolls, strawberry cheesecake… You name it and we probably ate it. Sushi and cold-plates included too! Soo good.

The week was followed by a trip out to Rocky Harbor and Gros Morne to photograph some boat tours as well, but more on that later! It’s too hot today, and my wine is looking way better than my keyboard right now!

Much love, and hope everyone else isn’t suffering too much in this heat! Maybe I should have just wished for snow for my birthday?

Candace ❤

Grad Day 1: Cap and Gown

The happiest of graduation to the group of grads I had (have) the chance to photograph yesterday and again this afternoon for their Grand March! And especially to Rebecca Pike, who is one of my best friends (Leanne’s) sister who unfortunately isn’t here to see her. Also, Leanne: please tell Rebecca to never cut her hair again. Seriously. I swear, I’m living vicariously through her long-blonde-haired beauty. Stunner!

Also, has it really been 4 years since I’ve graduated? I’m pretty sure it was only a week ago, and I sure still look like I’ve just came out of high school. But beyond that cliche, on the other hand it feels like a million years ago too. That moment when you realize high school really isn’t the be-all end-all just might be the best a-ha moment ever.

Much love,

Candace ❤

Beauty Day

It was a beauty of a barn day last weekend, and it’s a beauty of a day again today.

My studio space has been cleaned out, and everything is FINALLY all passed in. It’s so nice to be finally done for the summer. ❤ Luck to the rest of my friends still in the middle of their exams!

Much love,

// Can

end of term woes

photo taken in bottle cove early last week!

i’m normally efficient to very annoying and well crossed t, i’ll admit. i like having things done and out of the way rather than have a to-do list taller than i am, because there’s nothing better than having the freedom to come and go as you please and enjoy things as they come up. especially rather than being stuck to your (albeit, beautiful new macbook pro) laptop writing a paper at snails pace. or in-between unnecessary facebook creeps… guilty.


i think i’m still half caught up thinking about how i wish i could relive last week, although maybe with a few extra hours of sleep! i got to clue it up with an absolutely mental shift at the bar last night (st. paddy’s day really is madness, we actually an out of glasses at one point which was hilarious and awful at the same time) and a much needed visit from the little bundle of love that is my baby cousin addy today too! she really is the cutest, even though the little fart wouldn’t say my name today. i haven’t heard her say it yet, she’s said it to everyone else but me!

on the bright side, there are 19 days until I’m officially home free for the summer. 19 days and counting…

much love,


man in the mountain

so i’m a liiiittle sore today, but it was definitely worth it. a steep hike, in twenty degrees heat, wearing a heavy camera backpack, with two awesome friends of mine? yeah, i’d still do it again. once I regain normal use of my leg muscles, of course… anyone willing to carry me up stairs in the meantime?

disclaimer: when your camera says F00 and will. not. adjust. your f-stop no matter how many times you push the dial or curse recently changed camera settings, don’t panic. finish fully attaching your lens that may or may not have been knocked loose in your backpack. ever seen a canon 24-70mm lens rocket down the face of a mountain? i haven’t thankfully. and don’t ever want to! (but almost did, and i still want to throw up at the thought).

much accident prone love,